Monday, October 5, 2009

Vapur Bottles

I was approached by the makers of these Vapur bottles a few weeks ago. I was intrigued by them (the bottles, not the makers), so I agreed to give one a try (again, the bottle, not the makers). My kids and I like to drink water on the go, but I hate to spend money on bottled water, not to mention the whole "trashing the earth" factor of bottled water, so we have an eclectic mix of water bottles and sippy cups that take up like 158 cubic yards in my kitchen. Do any of you have a cabinet overflowing with bottles? You know you do if you've ever had to open the cabinet, throw the bottle in, and quickly slam the door shut before everything comes tumbling out.

These Vapur bottles are lightweight and flexible. The bottle stands upright when it's full and collapses flat and can even be rolled up, when it's empty so it takes up very little space. It comes with a carabiner ring so you can clip it to backpacks, lunch bags, purses, whatever. The Vapur bottle also has a spot to personalize it with your name (not that it'll stop your kids from swiping your bottle... ahem, JACKSON!) Actually, I can't complain that Jax took my bottle because he brought it with him to St. Louis last weekend and saved the day with it. When we were walking around the zoo, Brooklyn started whining that she was thirsty. Instead of having to spend like $5 on bottled water or pop, Jackson pulled the bottle out of his pocket and ran to the drinking fountain. Voila! We were all spared from Brooklyn's whining and didn't have to take out a loan to buy everyone drinks (because parents of more than one know that you can't just get one kid a drink, oh no.)

Bottles cost $8.95 for one or $29.95 for a family four-pack. And since you can keep refilling this with tap water, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than buying bottled water every week.

These bottles are durable, dishwasher safe, freezable, BPA-free (BPA is a toxic chemical found in many plastic containers that can leach into the container and be ingested by humans), come in bright blue, green, or pink colors, and hold 16 ounces of fluid!

Additionally, the environmental benefit of using the Vapur is huge. Reusable bottles help reduce the estimated 60 million disposable water bottles that end up in landfills every day in America alone, according to the Container Recycling Institute. The Vapur is also manufactured in the U.S. and ships flat, resulting in a carbon footprint that is significantly less than other plastic bottles.

Finally, as a member of 1% For the Planet, the company is donating a portion of all sales to water related environmental causes. 1% For the Planet is an alliance of businesses that donate at least 1% of their annual revenues to environmental organizations worldwide.

These bottles just make sense. Use them and you'll save money on bottled water and you'll help save the earth too. Plus, as my son and his friends say, "These bottles are cool!" So, there you have it.

Now I've got 3 Vapur bottles for 3 random winners! Leave me a comment with how you'd use these bottles or what feature you like most about them and I'll choose the random winners on Friday. Good luck!

I did receive one free Vapur bottle to test out before writing my review, but was not paid for this post.

***** Edited to answer some of your questions *****

I admit we've only had this bottle for about 2 weeks, so I can't honestly say that it lasts forever. I don't know. It might, it might not. The way I look at it, even if it only lasts 6 months before needing to be replaced, I'll still be saving a ton of money on bottled water.

Also, several of you have asked how easy it is to clean. It's top rack dishwasher safe. So far, I haven't had any problems cleaning it. Of course, we just put water in it so it's not especially dirty or anything, but it's been coming out clean with no problems.

To the person who mentioned using these in airports, what a fantastic idea! I didn't even think of that! You can take the rolled up bottle with you through airport security and fill it with water on the other side, saving yourself a $5 bottle of water!

And finally, you can buy them HERE.


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Mrs. Groshong said...

Those are awesome! I totally want some for my kiddos!

Michelle said...

WOW, looks great! I have 5 kids and we are always on the go and go through a lot of bottled water. I'd love to give this a try instead.

Beckie said...

I hate being attacked by the water bottles in the cupboard. I think I like that they collapse the best about them.

Rachel said...

Wow! These are awesome! Your cabinet situation sounds a lot like mine, and I only have 2 kids! We always try to carry water with us. These bottles will be so much easier than lugging the various other bottles that we have.

Anonymous said...

These would be so perfect to pack in my kids lunch boxes. I'm trying to get them to drink more water. And those handy, lightweight, and color bottles would do just the trick.


Julie in PA said...

I love things that are earth friendly! I like that they are earth friendly, collapasable, and ship flat. Plus, they look very cool too. I too have a cupboard full of bottles. I just can't find that bottle that's just right, but this one just might be it. I'd love to have one to try out!

Amyb99 said...

Awesome idea! I really hope I win one, but if not, I think I'm going to have to purchase at least one to try! They look so cool and I love the fact that they won't take up room in my cabinet!!!

Thanks for telling us about these :)

Minnie said...

LOOOOOOVe this idea.....we are constantly filling up water bottles...but this year, my daughter needs a bottle that clip to her backpack...what a fantastic idea. Then when it is empty , she can roll it up and put in backpack and not have the empty bottle banging around on the outside of her bag.

Angela P. said...

These look awesome! Id love to win one!

Lisa said...

I so need that. I'm afraid to open my cabinets to get my water bottles for fear of starting a landslide from all of the other ones in there. And it isn't like we even use the ones in there. I really need to clean out the cabinets and start fresh. I think these bottles would really help.

Carmen M said...

Cool bottles! I sooo identify with the cabinet full of bottles. I try to carry a bottle with me when I go out, so this would be great to have!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I have 4 kids that are always thirsty. These would be great. I live that they collapse. Why didn't someone think of this sooner?
Kim in Pittsburgh

Super Sub said...

As a substitute teacher this would be so handy. I like to keep a bottle of water with me when I work. All that talking to kids can sure make you thirsty. Since I'm often called at the last minute to sub I have to be ready quickly. I could keep a bottle like this in my car or even my purse. It would also be easy to tuck one into my lunch bag. I'd always have one ready!

Jennifer Higgins said...

How could we NOT use them?! Sounds like something the kids would love. said...

Oh I love this. =)

Jena said...

I would love one of these!!! best thing to put in a diaper bag!!

Apri said...


I like them also. I just purchased one at our recent Green Living show. However, I cannot remove the cover of the drinking spout/lid. I've tried everthing, but I cannot get it off. Did anyone else have this trouble? I am afraid that if I remove the cap completely to drink, I will squeeze the bottle and cause a water volcano.

Best regards,

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