Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, the city that serves its hotdogs on a poppy seed buns with mustard, celery salt, dill pickle spears, hot peppers, tomatoes, chopped onions and neon green relish, it's Sunday Sound Out starring the woman who finished the Crop Walk a whole minute and 23 seconds before an 80-year-old man, it's Dawn Meehan.

Lexi looks really beautiful in cheerleading uniform!! How's she doing? Any vid of her doing the stunts?!
I'm too busy cringing and hiding my eyes when Lexi stunts.

SSO question: I gotta know... did you plant any of that change [Coinstar video]?
Yep, pretty much all of the change was planted. It was a re-enactment of some of the places I've found change.

And what would a car seat be without at least 1 fry and some smashed up gold fish?
Ahhh that would be a car seat in my sister's car.

Just your kids clammer for brand name clothes?
Nope, they really don't. Austin shuns name-brands. Savannah and Lexi would probably like some, but never ask or whine for them. My kids are learning the value of a dollar. The younger ones aren't into clothes at all.

My goodness woman! Have you not yet learned? ALWAYS send the teenage boy out with the father. ALWAYS.And, if you can swing it, send the teenage girls out with him too.
I couldn't pay Savannah enough to go shopping with her dad. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure you couldn't pay Joe enough to go clothes shopping with anyone.

But it's fun to keep the little kids for yourself. Because they think going to the second hand store to find new clothes is AWESOME because it has a little pink door. =D
My little kids just went shopping in my attic for hand-me-downs and they were thrilled with our finds! :)

Does Austin wear socks now?
Yes, very specific ones.

When I read your posts, I realize just how uptight I am. [marker on Clay and Brooklyn at the store]
I'm sure I was a bit more uptight when I just had a couple kids. I think time and more kids have made me much more laid-back. I'm pretty good at asking myself if something is going to matter in 5 years before reacting. "Is it going to matter in 5 years that my kids had marker on their hands and face while we shopped?" The answer is usually no. So why freak out over it?

SSO question! :-D We'll be visiting St. Louis next weekend and will only be able to go to one thing (thanks to time and money constraints).. having been to both the City Museum and the Magic House- which one would you recommend we definitely see? We have a 10 year old, a 3 year old and an 8 month old (he's pretty much just along for the ride, but he likes looking around at stuff :-) ) I'd appreciate your opinion SO much!
Both places were very cool! I think your 10-year-old would probably prefer The City Museum and your 3-year-old would prefer The Magic House. Check out the exhibits at both places and see which things you think would be good for your particular children's interests.
The City Museum
The Magic House

Good story, Bob! But did I miss something? Why is an adult getting his tonsils out? I thought they hardly did that anymore.
I don't know about that. I have a lot of friends who have had tonsils removed as adults. In Joe's case, it's because he has sleep apnea and snores like a chainsaw. I had my tonsils removed when I was 20. I suffered from tonsillitis and strep throat monthly for years and years and years, but they didn't take them out much back then. Finally, as an adult, they took them out and I've had only a handful of sore throats in the past 20 years. Austin, Jackson and Clayton have all had their tonsils taken out because of sleep apnea and/or recurrent ear infections. Savannah, Brooklyn and Lexi are the only ones who have tonsils left in this family. (Although Lexi's had 3 sets of tubes for her ears.)

Joe's doing well. His throat isn't hurting much according to him, but it's dry because he's been breathing through his mouth since his nose is still so swollen and stuffy. He sounds like Darth Vader now.

I want to thank everybody who donated to the Church World Service Crop Walk! The 10k walk was today. After 2 weeks of record breaking cold weather and rain, we had a nice, warm, sunshiny, 50-degree day for our walk. Thanks be to God! I didn't quite finish the 10k. I walked for an hour and a half and, considering how out-of-shape I am, I was pretty proud of myself for accomplishing that much. I even beat this little ole 80-year-man who was walking. Yeah, I only beat him by like a minute and a half, but so what! I beat him! In your face, old man! (Yes, yes, I am pathetic.) Thanks to your help, I raised $435 that will help to feed people near and far.

Want a million dollar house? Here's your chance! Wings (Women In Need Growing Stronger) is raffling off a custom-built house worth 1.3 million dollars! There are over 100 other prizes too including cars, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, jewelry and dream vacations! You can buy your raffle tickets HERE. And when you buy a ticket, you're not only entered in the drawing, but you're helping WINGS. WINGS helps homeless and abused women and children by providing safe shelter and services that meet their needs for housing, planning, education, guidance and support.


Dianne said...

Awww, poor Joe. My seven year old had his tonsils and adenoids out in August, and before they came out, HE sounded like Darth Vader. He sounds much, much better now, and sleeps much better too.

Jennifer said...

I went clothes shopping with my dad ONCE. We both came home and told mom NEVER AGAIN!! He just couldn't understand why 2 pairs of pants, same cut, style, brand and size but different colors weren't the same. The blue ones looked good but the light brown ones made me look fat. He couldn't understand! And skirt length, well, that was something we'd NEVER agree on. My oldest daughter is 3 but I'm already planning to never subject her to shopping with Daddy! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Re being more laid back the more kids you have: My parents heard many times from older children, "Why did (s)he get to do XX activity? You never let us do that!" Parental response:"By the time we had 8 kids, we were too tired to argue anymore." Sibling discussions as adults reveal that Child #8 got to do everything and was never disciplined--had parents wrapped around finger. LOL


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're giving WINGS some publicity - it's a great organization.

Bekah said...

You lost me back at your introduction to this post talking about Chicago hotdogs! Thank goodness I am coming up to Chicago this week for my sisters wedding and will be able to get my Portillo's Chicago Hotdog fix!

Tam King said...

"And what would a car seat be without at least 1 fry and some smashed up gold fish?"

- ohmigod, it took me five minutes (and the assistance of google) to figure out that where you live, "goldfish" are in fact, food. NOT actual, live fish.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, we were in St. Louis this past weekend for a band competition. We had Friday evening free, so based on your blog, we took two of our three kids (the oldest is in the band and had to stay with them) to City Museum. They loved it! (Ages 13 and 7) We all had a great time there - thanks for sharing your experience on your blog so that we knew about it!

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