Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, the city that will not be hosting the 2016 Olympics, it's Sunday Sound Out starring the woman who forgot to play tooth fairy for the 4th time, Dawn Meehan.

First, may I say OUCH? I mean, really broke the knee? I'm so sorry. I suffer from the same amount of grace that you do.
Nooo, I didn't really break it. (I tend to exaggerate a tiny, wee bit.) I landed on it really hard over 2 weeks ago and although the bruising's gone now, it's still swollen. And heaven forbid I bump it because the pain that causes still brings tears to my eyes.

Your life must have really changed, and I wonder, how do you manage to handle that?
Sure, it's changed. Everything changes. You can't stop it. But, the important parts of my life have stayed the same so we've all been able to roll with the changes and adjust.

Do you have a facebook fan page? I saw your personal one but was looking for a fan one
Nope, mainly because I'm too lazy to figure out how to make one I can't figure out how to make one.

How many hotel rooms do you get when you travel with the whole family?
Usually we just all pile in the camper, but the occasional times we stay in an actual hotel, we generally get 2 adjoining rooms.

Beautiful pictures... I especially love the way your camera takes pictures of the future....
Hee hee. That was Savannah's camera with the 1/1/2217 date. We look pretty darn good for being over 200 years old, huh?

they say it [the Arch] sways in the wind....did you feel any movement?
Only when my kids ran, as a group, from one side to the other, in an attempt to knock the Arch down. Just kidding. No swaying. Then again, it was a beautiful, sunshiny, non-windy day.

You jinxed your sister, Dawn. But I'm sure she appreciated it. Is it a boy or a girl? Details! I need details! And Congratz on being an aunt again =)
Yep, I think she was pretty happy to cut those last 2 weeks off her pregnancy. She had a little boy, Cameron, who is cute and tiny at only #6, 13.

So did Brooklyn get her flip flop back at all?
Yup. The older kids were able to grab it for her. Of course, the next day, Austin took it and hid it in the hotel room causing 7 of us to spend 20 minutes looking for it...

SOS: I spy a tattoo on your right ankle! What is it?
It's a fish. It seemed like a good idea when I was 18 and knew everything. And no there's no significance to it. It doesn't even look like a Jesus fish.

My all time favorite thing to do in St. Louis though - Wear my Cubs gear!!! Go Cubbies!
Wooo Hooo! I'll absolutely have to wear my Cubs jersey the next time I'm in St. Louis. Those Cardinals fans are just jealous of the awesomeness that is the Cubs! ;)

I laughed when you mentioned the Museum of Westward Expansion (the museum under the Arch). Did you guys notice anything weird about any of the exhibits? For example, the full-size replica of a stagecoach next to a floor-to-ceiling photo of the first moon landing? Or the taxidermied (is that even a word?) beaver, in a dam, in front of a picture of the Atomic Bomb?

I missed that. But I did like this sign...

in front of this guy...

for some reason, that just struck me as funny.

Last picture... [Austin with plate ears and straw wrapper mustache] He is totally Master Shifu isn't he?! My son and the girls I watch do that EVERYTIME they have stringcheese, apparently it's hilarious :)
ROFL! Yep, he's Master Shifu! I almost wrote that, but thought no one would get it. Good job!

We LOVE the City Museum. Our last visit was before we had kids, and we had a blast climbing through (um, getting stuck in) all the tunnels. Did they still have the GIANT UNDERPANTS? If you got a pic of those, you've got to post it, they're a sight to behold.
I didn't notice any giant underpants there. Well, except for mine, that is.

Wow, you could write travel brochures!!! Great job reporting on our fair city's attractions.
Why thank you. Hear that, Convention and Visitor's Center for Hawaii? :D

I love the pictures. I had to laugh at the group shot of the kids in the land of Curious George. It looks like Austin is hanging on to Curious George, and the Man with the Big Yellow Hat is goosing Savannah. You have a lovely family.

LOL! I thought the same thing when I saw this picture! The man with the yellow hat is pinching Savannah's butt and Austin's giving George bunny ears.

SSO question - so Dr. Pepper/Diet Dr. Pepper isn't available in Chicago?
It's available in stores, but most restaurants don't carry Dr. Pepper and I don't know of any that carry Diet. Dr. Pepper except Arby's.

I wish we did family game night. We did at one point, but now our schedules have caught up to I the first commentor?
Ummm, yes, yes you are and everyone knows that the first commenter has to buy all the other readers a brownie. Thank you! Really, I have a hankerin for chocolate. Someone send me a brownie, will ya?

Do you have any recommendations for other moms who might like to review products to make some extra money? .......what can other mother's do that may want to make some extra money from home while not taking time away from their children?
Well, my mom emailed me THIS LINK about 2 1/2 years ago. It has several work-at-home job ideas. (After reading this email, I decided to start my blog.) Anyway, I'm not sure how to go about reviewing products as I haven't reached out to any companies, asking to review their products. Companies have found me and I have no idea how I wound up on their radars. But I hope that link gives you some ideas. :)

Thanks to everyone who chimed in about game-night. I got a lot of great new ideas for games to play thanks to your comments and suggestions!


Anonymous said...

"Nooo, I didn't really break it. (I tend to exaggerate a tiny, wee bit.)"

My aunt, who is a fabulous story teller, calls that "embellishing".

Chasity said...

I actually have a question. I noticed you have a facebook badge on your blog, and that you haven't kept the identities of your children private (on my blog I use nicknames instead of their real names, but my facebook page uses their real names). Have you had any kind of negative feedback by using their real names? Not from critics, but in the form of strangers approaching your children and calling them by name?

Katina said...

I left you a blog award at my blog ( If you have time, stop by and collect it. Thanks for the laughs!

Ellobie said...

Dawn - Check out Burrito Beach, they typically have Diet Dr. P on tap! It IS hard to find here in Chicago. :(

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