Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, the city that has four seasons in one day, it's Sunday Sound Out starring prima ballerina, Dawn Meehan.

OK, so maybe he prima ballerina thing is a slight exaggeration considering the fact that I tripped at Lexi's football game Saturday, falling hard on my knee. I was holding my camera and didn't want to break it so I didn't brace my fall. On the bright side, I saved the camera. On the downside, I broke my kneecap instead. People saw me fall so, of course, I jumped up and acted all cool like it was no big deal. Then I hobbled off and cried. Yep, I'm the classiest person I know.

OK, here are the random winners of the $25 My Sonic giftcards and the $25 giftcards.

Queen of pink in a house of blue said...
oh, i love the lemon berry slush! YUMMY!i agree the ice is GREAT! after surgery once, i couldn't eat anything, but could have water...but had to sip it or chew ice. i had hubby go get 2 route 44 cups of ICE from sonic! they probably thought he was silly, but i didn't care! heehee


sandyn said...
We just got sonic in Minnesota! yea!! i am really digging the cherry lime aid. heck, i didnt know it came in diet!! good to know! nice to know we can help out the teachers.

Congratulations! Email me with your shipping address! And remember to stop by Sonic now through Oct. 1, get any drink and then go to to help fund a teacher's project!

So, here are the answers to this week's questions.

White flooring for a boys room? Really?? Are that optimistic that it can stay that way? Of course it is way better than the wood-like flooring. Reminds me of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster
Yeah, but it's industrial strength tile. Marks wipe right up! And gotta love anyone who can quote Vacation!

I love Clayton's stick figure picture. Is that a penis I see hanging down between the legs?!
Uhh, yeah. He has no hands, feet, or hair, but he made sure to include that part. I'm so proud. :::sniff sniff:::

Your house looks too clean and organized compared to normal. Did you get snobby on us and hire a housekeeper? Because a house with kids is supposed to have crap all over the floor and clutter all over the furniture.
LOL!!! A housekeeper! LOL, that's a good one! Did you not see the pictures of all the crap (including a sock stuck to the wall!) behind the bunk beds?

SSO for you. Brooklyn no longer looks like a toddler! I couldn't believe how much the little girl she has looked in the past few pictures. But in the Mickey Mouse pants it looks like Brooklyn has finally decided to train and is out of diapers. Has your life become diaper free for the first time in 15 years? Yes! Did I forget to write about that? The beginning of this summer, she just woke up one day and said she wanted to wear underwear and that was that. I do still put a pull-up on her at night just in case, but more often than not, she wakes up dry. It's the end of an era!

PS. I also HATE throwing up. I'm like Jerry Seinfeld, always striving for the longest "non-vomit streak".
Until the black and white cookie, that is.

You were lucky! When my husband goes for his echo, because of his family history, they use sandpaper to get rid of the hair in certain spots on his chest for the "stickers". LOL! So he has hairless spots on his chest still.
I guess I forgot to mention that part. The doctor had to first rub me down with alcohol, then he used some sort of sandpaper on me as well (I swear I don't have a hairy chest!) before he had to lift my boobs out of the way to apply the stickers. Yeah, that was fun. What do you do in a situation like that? Where do you look? You can't make eye contact because that would just be weird. So you stare at some spot above the doctor's head and pretend he's not putting stickers on your boobs and say something nonchalant like, "So, it's pretty nice weather we're having, huh?" Or maybe you just start babbling like an idiot and say things like, "So, I had a goldfish when I was two. I named him Goldygold. You know, because he was gold. Yep, that was 37 years ago. I have no idea why that just popped into my head. Do you like popcorn? I got to swim with dolphins a couple years ago..." Not that this happened to me or anything. Just sayin'...

Will you be getting your gall bladder checked??
Yes. After I have sufficiently procrastinated long enough.

So Dawn,If you type in "ketchup, Italian dressing and half an onion" into Kraft's web site, will you get a recipe? Just asking.
No, you won't which is why, when you're down to ketchup, Italian dressing and half an onion, it's time to go to the grocery store!

So if you put in Brooklyn's favorites, ketchup, chocolate syrup, and...maybe air?...what should you make for dinner?
That's the beauty of Brooklyn's diet - I don't have to cook!

Hey Dawn! Wondering if you asked them about the artificial dyes they use in their foods or if any other ladies brought it up? I think I read that one of your sons helps control his ADHD via diet, just wondering if anyone asked them about some natural alternatives and dye free products? I would LOVE to be able to give my son Kraft mac n chz but I can't due to the use of food dye in it (we are food dye free here)! I would love it if they would offer some dye free alternatives to some of our favorite products they make! Thanks!
We go back and forth with the all natural diet. Although I like to stick to it, the truth is that it's expensive to buy natural products without all the additives and sometimes our budget just doesn't allow for that.
Kraft does make a product line called Back to Nature. They have cookies, crackers, juice, macaroni & cheese dinners, etc. all without artificial ingredients. And you can search the nutrition information on other Kraft products HERE.

Speaking of Kraft, I have a box FULL of Kraft yumminess to give away to one lucky reader. Take a look at the above picture or visit Kraft's website HERE, then leave me a comment with your favorite Kraft product(s) and/or your favorite Kraft recipe. I'll choose a random winner on Wednesday, September 23. Contest open to US residents.

Oh yeah! And check out my friend, Patti Hill's website HERE! She's got a contest for pet lovers and you can win $100 Petco gift card!


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Denise said...

Wheat Thins flat bread would be my fav. Capri suns are my kid's fav. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just love the easy mac. I even sing the song..."Easy Mac, Easy Mac...I LOVE Easy Mac...Easy Mac loves me too!!!" lol. Thanks for keeping me laughin on a daily babis Dawn.

-Amanda C. in Junction City, KS

Shannon Reynolds said...

I love the General Foods International coffee line. French Vanilla is my favorite. I MUST have a cup in the morning before starting work. It is so much better than the stuff they call coffee at my office.

Anonymous said...

oh i love just plain ol' mac n cheese pick me--sasha, bridge city,tx

mommyrox said...

I could list all of the products, but there would be no room for anything else. So let's just say there is nothing my family does not like.

Beth said...

I love your blog! I just read your book and recommend it to all my friends! It helped put life into perspective and helped me be able to relax and be the mom I want to be. Thanks!!

I absolutely LOVE Oreos! And I really love their dressings/marinades. I like to marinate chicken in the Asian Toasted Sesame (then throw it in a stir-fry), Caesar, Roasted Red Pepper Italian, or Sun-Dried Tomato (just to name a few). Can't be beat!

I can also get some great ideas from the Kraft Food&Family magazine. It's come in handy trying to make mealtime more fun for the kids.

Thanks for the great blog! You can always make me laugh! Except when you broke your kneecap. Then I was very sad for you. :( Feel better!

Sudee in Florida said...

My favorite Kraft products are Maxwell House coffee and Planter's Nuts.

midnight61688 said...

My favorite Kraft recipe is for blueberry cheesecake rolls

Andrea said...

Definitely the Mac n Cheese! I don't know how I could live without Mac N Cheese! :)

Mendi said...

I love Kraft Chicken and Egg noodle dinner. Apparently I'm in the minority, though because it is soooo hard to find. When I don't feel good it is hands down my favorite meal. I wish I could win a box full of it! I love many other Kraft products, too, but their website is perfect for finding something good to make for dinner.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I absolutely adore the 100 calorie packs of Lorna Doone Crisps. I don't actually like Lorna Doone's but the crisps are soooo yummy!!

Their new Crackerfulls look pretty good too but they haven't gone on sale in our area yet so they haven't made it to our pantry.

Gold Oreo's are SO DELISH!!!

Sherrill said...

Oreos are definitely at the top of my list...except for times like now when I'm trying to lose 30 pounds of post-baby weight. I love several of their 100 calorie packs!

kckarla said...

Favorite Kraft product...Mac and cheese without a doubt!!! Can you say COMFORT???

Carmen M said...

Pretty hard to have to pick a favorite, but I do love the chocolate chunk Chips Ahoy. I could use a whole package if I wasn't paying attention!

Gin said...

Love all Kraft products esp. oreos.
A fast and easy cheesecake recipe is fill one grahm cracker crust with 8 oz. pkg. of cream cheese mixed with one container of Cool Whip. Top with fruit of choice, chill a few hours before serving.

laura g said...

yum! would love to win!

Kecky said...

I need some help... I have a 9 year old friend of my daughter coming to my house for a visit. I'd like to provide a snack and dinner for her. My concern is she is alergic to all food dyes. Would appreciate suggestions on what to prepare for this young lady.
Thanks for the help, Pam

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