Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Disney on Ice

I had the chance to take my family to Disney on Ice tonight. I had never taken my kids to any show like this before. Actually, I remember checking out how much tickets cost several years ago. At the time, I decided it was too expensive to take my family there. But Disney on Ice is at The United Center in Chicago through September 13 and you can get a 4 pack of tickets for only $44 now! All you have to do is log onto ticketmaster.com and use coupon code: MOM
You can get additional tickets for $11 each.

I have to admit that my older kids weren't exactly thrilled about going. I knew the young kids would love it, but thought my teenagers might be bored. Not! They may not admit it, but they enjoyed it as much as the little kids. It's Disney, therefore it's magical. It's like Disney World. On ice. They even played Disney music in the bathrooms!

Thank you Meghan and everyone from Feld Entertainment! All 8 of us had a wonderful time!

Before we left, I had to get Brooklyn to change her shoes.

She changed into her pink cowboy boots, of course.

taking a ride on a monster truck

carpenter jeans: the original scabbard

What on earth are you two doing?
We're fighting to the death, Mom!
Don't fight to the death.
OK, we'll just fight to the seriously injured then.

Me and the mice. Man, have I really gotten that fat? Ugh, I hate seeing pictures of myself.

the gang

Who knew coloring could be so much fun.

You think this is a lot of pictures? I took over 200! Be thankful I'm not putting them all on here.

Dreaming of skating princesses) Yeah, I think it's safe to say we all had a great time.

***** I did receive free tickets for this event, but I have not been paid to write about it. The opinions are mine alone.


p.i.k.a said...

wow, you have a big family.. i'm jealous of you,,, hahaha..

Sandy in Illinois said...

You are never too old for Disney. Of course the teenagers would love the show too. Dreaming skating princesses for everyone!

Alexandra said...

Oh my god, how much do I wish I lived in America right now?? My kids (especially my 2 year old daughter) would LOVE this!

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

Hey, there's a chick in a red/white polka dot dress trying to horn in on your man! Oh, that's Minnie. Poor Mickey can't go out without her.

noexcuses said...

What a wonderful evening! Your pictures are great!

Princess Brooklyn looks like she had a magical time!

Scrapingirl said...

OH!! How fun is that!! Disney is magical no matter how old you are.

akhughes said...

looks like an awesome event!
I must be completely dense...but I JUST realized your blog background was a fridge! Love it!

Lisa said...

we're going Thursday thanks to the facebook fan contest. I can't wait. how horrible was it getting there or getting out?

Jen said...

Any chance the same promotions will apply for tickets to the LA shows in December?

Mimicutelips said...

I'm glad you posted this, I got tickets last week for the show in Maryland Oct 30th. Its the Disney on Ice Celebration. I can't wait to take my 4 year old.

Anonymous said...

My Mom took me and two friends to this when I turned 12 in the 7th grade. It was light years ago and I was not as sophisticated as today's kids, but I thought it was wonderful!


jana said...

What's Brooklyn going to do when she outgrows those pink boots??

miriamp said...

Shouldn't that be, "to the pain?"

Lovely pictures. Free would pretty much be the only way I'd take my crew too. (There are 10 of us... you do the math.) Looks like fun though!


i found you blog surfing. i love finding new blogs! come and check me out! if you decide you want to follow me, i would be glad to return the favor!


geelizzie said...

That show is coming to our city also, and the tickets are also affordable at $11.00 each. We don't have any kids to take, but I'm glad to see a family show coming to town that families might actually be able to afford to go see!

The crayon up the nose picture is priceless! Be sure to save that and show it to his first girlfriend.

Charlie said...

I'm so glad you wrote about this Dawn, it looked such fun that I searched for a show in the UK, and booked one that we're going to next month! Couldn't use your discount code though - but if you have any British readers who want to book, the discount code PRINCESS works for Ticketmaster!

Elleah said...

Great pictures! Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Marsha said...

I assume you didn't get stuck up in the nose-bleed section watching the little dots do things on the rink, with your vision sometimes blocked by speakers hanging from the ceiling? That was always my experience with any event like this when my kids were young.

Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much for the pics!! I have always wondered what it would be like to go and you seemed to capture it very well in your pictures! You are awesome!!!

Donna said...

Awesome pictures !
I am going to go look to see if it will be in Indiana and close so I can take my 3 grandkids. They would love it.
Thanks for sharing so much !

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Oh how fun!!!!!


$11 is a good deal! But how much for a train ride for 5 to Chicago?!


Tara said...

I'm taking my kids in February. A friend of mine is one of the skaters this year. I don't know what character she plays though. I'm glad it was a good show. Now I'm looking forward to it even more!

Lisa said...

Hi Dawn --I really enjoy your blog. I must say, I am also a complete idiot! I tried to link to you post, and somehow I did it completely wrong, so I am sorry if I have more than one link (to nothing!), because I can't figure out how to do it right. I get it now, but don't dare link a third time.

I am so glad you and your family enjoyed Disney on Ice -- It looks fantastic, as are all things Disney.

Have a nice day, and sorry for the screw-up!

Table for Seven said...

Your oldest daughter is really pretty! And I can't believe how much Brooklyn has grown up. I haven't checked your blog in a while and I swear kids grow when you're not looking.

Oh, for the record, I HATE all things Disney, but you actually made that event look fun. Thanks!

Ellen said...

thanks so much for the heads up on how great it was and the ticket deal!!! I would never have thought to do this b/c I assumed too expensive. I just booked tickets for tomorrow nite with the code you gave and they were more than 1/2 off- thank you so much! My kids are going to be thrilled!!!! my husband not so much:-0 we'll figure out how to get to chicago on a friday nite, but I'm so excited and the kids will be too.

You are wonderful! Thanks again!
ps I want pink cowboy boots, too!

mamapajama said...

Hi Dawn,
Question for SSO, is Brooklyn still sleeping in your bed or are you still trying to get her to stay in her own "big girl bed"? Just curious if your ever going to get your own bed back! LOL Adorbale pictures by the way!

sjm4him said...

LOVE the family pic...Brooklyn's hair is CUTE!! :) The last pic is PRICELESS! How's she doing being the only 1 at home (rather, how are YOU doing??) :p

Anonymous said...

We go almost every year to Disney on Ice. We are lucky to get free tickets through my sister's job. We also get to see the circus for free. It is so nice that the tickets are free because the price of other things there puts the fear of homelessness (not sure that is a word) At the circus here last month cotton candy was $12.00Roxie

Michelle said...

Oh your shots turned out great. That sport setting must have helped. And the 18 classes? From Wolf Camera. It also included an extra lens, setting it all up, a free photobook, up to 300 pictures set to music on a DVD, ummmm and some more stuff I can't remember. This is what happens when you talk to a woman three days before she's due: everything but the baby leaks out of your head!

Bobbi said...

Great pictures! Looked like alot of fun. You looked great Dawn! Love your blg.

KatLuvsShoes said...

Go Disney on Ice! Incredibles, Toy Story, not just the classics anymore. I hope it comes to MI soon. I was just looking at Disney backdrops for parites (http://www.shop.com/party+backdrops?g=1&k=24). Now if I can find an icerink Dawn, I could throw my own little Disney on Ice hehe.



daisiesforu said...

I am going on the 23 of this month. We can't wait. The kids are all so very excited to go as am I.

becs said...

We saw Disney on Ice Princess Classics this weekend in our hometown. AWESOME! Magical, pure Disney :)

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