Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Sound Out

Another week gone by. It's time to answer viewer mail!

Hey there, I'm flipping through my Good Housekeeping that came a week or so ago, and you know that part where they feature a mom blog (towards the BACK of the mag), well imagine my suprise to find my favorite mom blogger there! I read you faithfully, you didn't mention you'd be featured in GH did you?
My bad. I think I only mentioned it on Facebook. Oops! Yep, a story from my blog is featured in February's Good Housekeeping! Page 199! Wheee!!!

My son says to tell you that he plays expert on drums and guitar. Show-off. He wants you to say "Oh he's so handsome and good at rock band!"
Oh, he is SO handsome and good at Rock Band!!! LOL! Actually, I am impressed. I only play it on the easy setting. I tried medium and got all confused and started flailing around like a total spaz.

Can you video yourself playing?!
Actually, Jackson did videotape me and Savannah playing, but I couldn't bring myself to post it. I look way just a bit too dorkish.

Did I read that right? Your washing machine is broken???? EEK... run away, run away... the laundry monster is going to gobble you up! How--in--the--world-- are-- you--surviving? I know... just make your kids wear their clothes inside out on every other day? oh yeah, right. They already do that. (joking....) When are you going to get a new one? Now, I'm really worried about you!
Joe fixed it! That's why I keep him around. He fixes stuff and cleans up puke. ;)

It's Jackson with Vitiligo, right? My Caleb's is spreading and I was wondering, are you doing any kind of treatment for it? If so, what? My son's is moving to his face and neck now.
Yep, it's Jackson. (for those who don't know - Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease where the person loses the pigment in their skin resulting in white-white patches.) When he was first diagnosed, we tried doing a combination of creams and sunlight exposure (it was summer at the time). It didn't work at all though. The dermatologist tried to talk us into doing these UV treatments along with another expensive cream. The thing is - at the time, Joe was never around and the doctor's office was far from my house. I didn't want to have to schlepp all the kids to the office several times a week after school. And none of this was covered by my insurance either. And, so far, it hasn't affected his face or very visible parts of his body.

I know a lot of people seek treatment and there's nothing wrong with that. If it's affecting a person's self esteem, treatment should be considered. I think this is probably especially true with people who have darker complexions where the loss of pigment is more obvious. But it doesn't really bother Jackson at this point. In fact, he thinks it pretty cool that he "glows in the dark"! (The white patches fluoresce under black light.) Right now, the only thing I'm doing is talking to him about the fact that it doesn't matter what a person looks like on the outside. I tell him he's a funny, quick-witted, compassionate, smart kid and that's what counts.

If it starts to bother him in the future, we'll look into treatments.

Wow, I can't believe you haven't commented on the fact that our country has a new president. Are you ignoring this little tidbit?
Yup. There are thousands of political blogs out there. Mine's not one of them.

since im not a math person i have to ask how old where you when Austin was born?

Oh boy, totally scaring me now. Is it true though -- did they really say the transition from 8th to 9th grade is the third most traumatic experience for them?
They actually said that. I think it's ridiculous. High school (and everything else) is what you make of it. I'm just encouraging him to do his best and have fun.

And more importantly, how many drinks and what kind did you have at Cheesecake factory?
Who me? I don't drink, Steph. ;)

What's that really cool new ad on the right side of your blog. It's so EYE-CATCHING! WOW! Kind of makes me want to roll up my sleeve and let someone jab my arm with a needle all for the sake of saving someone's life!
Very subtle, Manic. OK, everyone click on that ad over there ----> It'll take you to Manic's blog where she has a contest going. Donate blood, save a life, and be entered for a trip to Florida!

Get ready though - with high school came my son's first girlfriend.
EEEEEEEEEK!!! I had my first boyfriend the summer between 8th and 9th grades! Oh no! I hadn't really thought about that. Nooooo, make it stop!!!

So many comments!! Do you have time to read them all?
Yep. I read every single one. I've really sucked at answering comments and email this past month though. I just can't keep up. I wish I had time to answer every one. Please know that I read them all and appreciate your comments and emails more than you can possibly know!

Oooo, and Beth at I Should be Folding Laundry took some great pictures from the TNT luncheon on Friday. Here are a couple of them...

me and Monica Potter

all us blogger girls with Monica

Monica Potter from Trust Me

And here are a couple pics from the Clay's and Brooklyn's birthday party...

me & my nephew Dominick

me & my Yia Yia

me & the birthday kiddos. Nice fake smiles! It looks like they're terrified!

me & my baby

Miss Lex with her new glasses

my monkey with his monkey cake


It's supposed to be Curious George. It doesn't really look like him though. I guess it's not too bad considering I used a bear-shaped pan.

Brooklyn's Sleeping Beauty cake

All, but her head was edible


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

VERY impressive cakes!!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mirth said...

The cakes are pretty cool. I especially like the way the blanket is draped over Barbie. I'm still trying figure out how to do my son's requested birthday cake in almost 7 weeks. I have ideas, I'm just not sure on the implementation.

Martha said...

The cakes are great, and I love Lexi's glasses.

I've got Trust Me TIVO'd for whatever night it's on!

Have a great week!

fawndear said...

O.K. where did you find the time in your busy schedule to decorate those cakes. My kids are lucky to get a cake, and luckier still if I let them decorate it.

Jolie said...

Lex looks so cute in her new glasses :) I know you mention her breaking a lot of glasses, have you checked out They have complete pairs starting at $18 pair, we've ordered several and love them! Great for inexpensive spares.

ClistyB said...

hee hee Im sitting here thinking of all the people who are mystified as to why some people didn't froth over the inauguration.
Granted, it was truly historic. But good heavens I felt like I was being chased down by the Inaugu-monster last week. Everywhere I turned....
you're killin' em Dawn, you're killin' em.

Melia said...

Dawn, have you ever tried Zenni Optical? I stumbled upon them and have LOVED my very inexpensive glasses. I have multiple pairs because my almost 3 yr old loves to wear them too and at $12 a pair I don't have to worry about them too much.

Glad to see that your kids had a fun birthday party.

Erin said...

You make the coolest cakes! :)

kwanboa said...

Lex and I have the same glasses. Woot to, I adore mine!

Nice cakes, as always.

Anonymous said...

I like your pink shirt! And I love the pic of the birthday kids' fake smiles! My husband has a cousin, in his 30's, who looks like that in every picture I've ever seen of him!

Linda said...

You are looking really good these days, Dawn! You look a lot thinner and you should wear that pinkish color all the time. I love your cakes and artistic abilities...I have a bad enough time getting mine baked in a regular pan!! The birthday kids smiles say it the last pictures...not the fake smile one...haha

Jhooper in SC said...

I MADE IT ONTO SSO ... Im so freaking excited. LOL I know im a geek .. but woohoo!
Ok your cakes ROCK. My son's 9th bday cake (this jan 20th) was a ...wait for it.. oh you arent ready...He asked for it ..i just baked it.. A "better than sex" cake! Now think of the looks I got when i went to eat lunch with him at school and he told everyone i had to go home to make it for him... WHEEW no dss called (that i know of)

Brenda said...

Once again, you seem to put the rest of us moms to shame with your cakes. They look awesome!

Ruth said...

Wow Dawn you look awesome in your pics, I love that pink striped shirt where did you get it?

Amy said...

Awesome cakes Dawn!! Love the monkey one and the sleeping beauty one is a riot!! My cakes are either grocery store bought or homemade by me...mine pale in comparison. I just frost and pipe "Happy Birthday..." and pipe on some flowers or hearts for my daughters. My son always opts for a store bought, I can't imagine why.LOL

You get Mom-of-the-Year award in my book. Oh, and let us know when you get the call from Duff...Love him!!

Dawn said...

Ruth, I got the shirt from Old Navy. :)
And I LOVE Duff! I think he should make me a cake for my book launch! LOL

Michelle said...

I could totally tell it was Curious George! And I'm so heading to Harper once the kids are in school full time....

I didn't know that the white patches floresce. That's actually a pretty cool way of looking at it!

I love Lexi's new glasses but ummm they're new? Again? Fingers crossed it was just a new prescription that necessitated this.

Oh -- and the Sleeping Beauty cake. Did you decapitate a doll for it? I'm kind of disturbed by the thought of eating a doll (oddly, eating a monkey doesn't bother me). You do such neat stuff for your kids, Dawn!

Brenda said...

Your cakes are always adorable.

RADS said...

Did you ever think about entering the Oklahoma Sugar Art and Cake Decorating Competition? It's obviously in Oklahoma but it isn't just for Oklahoma citizens. You could probably do very well with your beautiful cakes. If Oklahoma doesn't sound appealing, you should at least enter the IL State Fair.

And are you teaching your children how to decorate cakes? I know they probably see it as "one of Mom's dorky hobbies" but it is a really wonderful skill to have.

Beth said...

those cakes are incredible! you made them? are you crazy? you were in such a rush, and you made the most incredible cakes in the world! inconceivable!

Anonymous said...

Once again, you've outdone yourself with the cakes. They are SO beautiful/cute! I'd feel terrible cutting them up. Of course, I'd eventually get over the guilt. I mean, after all, there IS cake in there!!!

You have my vote for Super Mom!

Donna in PA :)

JO said...

I love the sleeping beauty cake. Can you give more details on that one sometime.

BTW - delurking to say hello.

HeathSaw said...

I just wanted to say that I had my first boyfriend the summer between as well. Good Luck!

I don't have to think about high school for my daughter yet (2.5) but my niece started this past fall and that alone made me feel old! Not only that but now I am suddenly incapable of talking to her!

Robin said...

Awesome cakes...and yes, it does look like Curious George!

I had a crazy dream about your family last night. I was babysitting while you and Joe went out but only Clay and Savannah were there...and a newborn baby but I think that one was mine. Your house was VERY ridiculously tiny. The weirdest part was that I rode my unicycle to your house and I was nervous about riding it home because it was around midnight when you returned. When I saw you pull into the driveway I was relieved to remember that Joe could drive me home. You had a large van and surely my unicycle would fit in it! At one point Clay tried to take a LARGE piece of fried fish off to his room but I stopped him and made him eat it in the kitchen.

I have no clue where this dream came from. I hadn't read your blog before bed or eaten anything weird. Just a random crazy dream....thought I'd share it with you!

Mom of 5 in St. Louis said...

You have such a talent for cakes! Excellent job!

Anonymous said...

Awesome cakes!!

Dawn G said...

So, my 9 year-old son's birthday party was this weekend, and inspired by you (and the fact that cash is tight) I made his Steelers football cake and was incredibly proud of myself - until I read your blog. This just HAD to be the week you posted the GORGEOUS Barbie bed cake, wasn't it? :-) Looks fantastic. Good thing my kids have low expectations.

Margee said...

Dawn, I wanted you to know that you are just lovely. Beautiful inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, There was one time I tried to make a cake for my son's second birthday. I ran to the store for some balloons and came home to find my Dalmatian dog had eaten it. Well is was a Dalmatian cake so I guess she thought it was for her. Needless to say I had to run back to the store for a store bought one :( Kristine in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Your George kicks the heck out of the one I made for my son's third birthday (he'll be five, just like Clay, in 2 was just a three-layer round cake with a plastic Georgoe swinging between two fake palm trees on top, with chocolate sprinkle dirt below it. I thought it was cute until I just saw your monkey). Why didn't I think of using the bear pan? You continually amaze me!


Tammy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over! For NOT including political stuff on your blog. I love visiting your blog for a break from the reality of all things political that runs 24/7-365 in-your-face everywhere you turn. Thank you, again!

Anonymous said...


No wonder you're so beautiful! Your yia yia (Grandma, I assume?) is so gorgeous. Her skin is just flawless!


Anonymous said...

The Curious George cake is lovely!
If you think it's not much like him, you might want to compare it to this:

And as always, your kids crack me up (those faces!) :D

Jenny said...

That whole 8th/9th grade thing is just killing me. I have experienced MANY things more traumatic than that transition - maybe I just went to a "friendly" school? Good grief. I thought middle school was generally worse than high school anyway. At least in high school the end is in sight!

I am also glad you don't have political stuff on here. It's nice to escape it sometimes :)

Vivian M said...

I think you should open a business selling custom made birthday cakes - they are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Okay, a 9-yr-old requesting a "better than sex" cake? That's really disturbing.

Amanda E said...

How in the world do you go about cutting up your fabulous cakes? It isn't exactly easy to make nice serving sized pieces out of cakes that stand upright and/or look like toolboxes and hamburgers - is it? Please tell me as I am creating my first "stand up" cake in a few weeks and will have no idea how to serve it to people!

Wendy in Idaho said...

Don't know if you are on Facebook or not but that pic of you and Brooklyn would be a great profile pic!


Amy said...

I want to see pictures of Duff's cakes at your book launch. That would be totally awesome...OMG I just sounded like him didn't I??
I need to get a life.LOL

Robin said...

By the way...I'm the one that had the crazy babysitting dream about your family. I failed to mention that I don't own a unicycle, nor have I ever ridden one. Why on Earth do we have such crazy dreams?!?! I promise I'm not some weird stalker. = )

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your cakes. They are great. I had a Sleeping Beauty cake when I was 8. It was my favorite cake! Brought back fond memories.

Catmeat said...

Hi Dawn, Brooklyn is so darn cute But you already know that.

Cheryl said...

Your kids are so cute. I love Lexi in her new glasses, and Clay and Brooklyn the birthday kiddos. And your cakes are tremendous! Your kids are so lucky to have such a talented mom!

The Bertone's said...

Those are some awesome cakes! Love the monkey!

HFG said...

Hi Dawn! My husband found your blog and told me I should read it...I have to say that I do find it quite entertaining. I think that I can appreciate/relate to it much more than him since I am a stay-at-home-mom...but I will keep that thought.
I would love to know where you got your curtains...the red floral ones shown in the b-day pics. Curtains and window decorating always overwhelm me. I think I do a great job in other decorating areas but I cannot be happy with any window treatments I undertake.
Look forward to your future blogs and have a great mommy day!

Bethany said...

I love those cakes!!! Wow, they are cool. Glad all the bloggers had fun with Monica :)

KAL071203 said...

Dawn your cakes are amazing!!! I struggle to ice the cake and not have it pick up crumbs...I am domestically impaired:)

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