Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fireproof Winners

If you entered the drawing for a copy of Fireproof on DVD, please check back to see if your name was drawn. I'm still missing addresses for 12 winners!

Check HERE to see!


Kelly said...

I didn't win :( but I plan to buy this and watch it with my hubby, Lord KNOWS we could use some help with our marriage as well. I hope you are able to improve things in your house too Dawn!

AuntyM said...

I didn't win either, and there were 20 to give away! I thought for sure I'd win with those odds; but then there were a bazillion comments...

Love the cakes! Happy Birthdays!

I'm going to have to get ahold of that Good Housekeeping issue.

You rock Dawn. I read your blog every day.

Michelle said...

oh bummer - I missed this one. Hubby and I just saw it for the first time at a pre-release viewing at our church. Very well done. I was expecting cheesy like flywheel was, but it was actually really good.
My boys enjoyed watching it too, although my 3 yr old (oldest) pigged out on popcorn, half a cookie and a white-chocolate pretzel then ran around the fellowship hall like a wild banshee afterwards. It made Sunday morning miserable because he puked all over himself when he woke up and then refused to eat/drink the rest of the least it wasn't stomach flu : ) Some fine end to a pseudo-date night...

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