Saturday, January 17, 2009

Say Cheese!

We went downtown today to have some pictures taken to accompany an article I wrote for Hallmark Magazine. I believe it will appear in the April/May issue. If you haven't seen the magazine, check it out. It's really good! You can subscribe HERE or you can pick up a copy at your local gold crown store.

So, we pulled up to a building that looked vacant and rang the bell.

Sure enough, it was a nice studio! Ugh, I can't remember the guy's name who owned the place... Craig maybe? Anyway, he was nice. He had a nice, calm, friendly dog who, despite Brooklyn's dire predictions, did not eat her shoe off. There we met up with Eileen who made us beautiful (or well, did the best she could). I wanted to take her home with me so she could do my hair and make-up every morning.

And we met Andy who was the stylist for the shoot and Jake, the photographer. These guys were awesome with the kids. They were really patient and had a lot of terrific ideas. I really can't wait to see what pictures end up in the magazine! They'd brought along a whole collection of props too. I even got to swing a baseball bat (I hope they don't use that one. Then the whole world will know I beat my kids. Kidding! Just kidding. Only mostly kidding.)

At one point, they said, "Your kids are really good. We're having to tell them stuff to do. Usually we have to tell kids to stop doing stuff." Shortly after this, the kids loosened up and starting acting like themselves. Ha! You NEVER say the kids are acting good! That's the same as saying, "OK, now I want you to act like insane monkeys!"

I know this picture is dark. I turned off my flash so I didn't interfere with their picture taking. But if you look closely, Austin's got Jax in a head-lock. LOL!

You might notice someone is missing from the line-up. Brooklyn would have nothing to do with pictures today. I'm not above bribing my kids with candy and that didn't even work today. Niether the tiara nor the tutu worked either. She did briefly smile at the decapitated doll's head, but that was about it. Hmmm, I should probably find that disturbing, huh?

Anyway, we had a ton of fun! Thanks so much guys!!!


Elleah said...

Wow, I think candy ALWAYS worked for me as a kid!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the kids had tons of fun! I subscribe to Hallmark Magazine (LOVE it!), so I can't wait to see your article!!

Did they manage to any pictures of Brooklyn? She looked SO cute, I'd hate to think that she was left out!

Donna in PA :)

Michelle said...

And I was just going to say how cute Brooklyn's hair was (and how great Savannah looked -- so mature!). Gotta love the twisted little minds we created, huh? Can't wait to see the photos.

But ummm aren't you supposed to be finishing your book?

noexcuses said...

Looks like great fun! I hope they got at least one of Brooklyn with the gang!

Can't wait to see the article and pics! Congrats to you!

Julie in PA said...

I can't wait to see the article. Let us know when it comes out! After all the drama with your hair color last week, I'm curious to know what you ended up deciding to do with it?

With each of the photo shoots you've had done, I've noticed that it is always just you and the kids. Does Joe ever feel offended that he is not included in any of the photo shoot pictures? I understand that they do that because you write about being a mother, so it makes sense that it is just you and the kids, but I was just wondering if your husband cares?

Dawn said...

Joe was there and they took as many pictures of him as they did me. I believe he was left out of pictures only once before and I don't think he cared.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, I have a SSO question. Everytime I give my kid popcorn he can't seem to Not get it all over the floor. Maybe his handfulls are bigger then his mouth. Do your kids do this too? I want to send him outside to eat it. LoL. I sure wish I still had our dog. Kristine in Michigan.

MaBunny said...

I can't wait to see thowe pictures Dawn! I haven't eve seen the Hallmark magazine, will definitely have to chekc it out!

Patois said...

I nodded in total agreement when you likened the compliment to the kids' behavior as being heard by the kids as a direction to totally screw around.

Misty said...

This looks like SO much fun! It looks like all the kids, well, most of the kids, had a great time!

Elizabeth said...

I've been following your blog from the beginning. The whole e-bay story and your fun,fun sense of humor has kept me laughing many times!! If I'm feeling a bit blue, all I have to do is go to your blog for an uplifting time. The stories are priceless,and I'm glad all of this lead into writing a book. Thought I'd come out of the lurking mode, as I now have a blog,and love comments.

sara604 said...

I love the photos - especially the one of Brooklyn and Savannah!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

The proverbial fly on the wall.....yeah, would've LOVED to have been him!!

How awesome!

Cheryl said...

Six kids on a photo shoot? You are so brave! I can't wait to see the magazine and see how it turned out. Hope they get Brooklyn in there somehow, too.

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