Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some People Actually Like Reruns

I was busy working on my book last night so I didn't post. And I just can't find the funny tonight. Bad day. Don't ask.
I didn't want to leave you guys hanging for 2 nights in a row though, so here's a rerun from 7-8-07.

My sil and I took the kiddos to the zoo this week. The battery on my camera died soon after we got there, so I only got a couple pictures, but I'll share them with you. The zoo has a stingray exhibit right now where people can touch live stingrays swimming around. Ummm, isn't that what killed Steve Irwin ? Yes, please let me touch a stingray!

We all went in the Australian exhibit where bats fly around freely. Yes, that's right, BATS FLY AROUND FREELY in this exhibit. OK, I figure the bats can't dive bomb people too often or they'd be behind glass, right? So, I'm ok with walking (very quickly) through the Australia House. I guess the docent sensed my uneasiness and in an effort to put my fears to rest, said, "Oh don't worry, the bats won't poop on your head." POOP ON MY HEAD?!!! Well, I hadn't even considered that possibility until now! Gee, thanks.

Anyway, we had beautiful weather, it wasn't too horribly crowded, we didn't lose anyone, and we only had to pull Clay out of one exhibit (he just had to chase a chipmunk into the Tapir's habitat), so all in all it was a good day.

And I thought I had it bad trying to squish all these guys in my little van! Poor kangaroo has to carry them around in her pouch!

This zebra looks a little like Jackson....

His Vitiligo is spreading. :(
But the good news is - I finally figured out how to put a link in here! Yay me! I'm catching up to my six year old in computer skills.

Preparation H - it isn't just for humans.

The Einstein of the monkey world (or what I look like first thing in the morning when I haven't dyed my hair in a while.)


Lucille said...

Ha, ha - loved it then and now!

I was wondering WHERE you were. ;)

You know you could always ask your stalkers to write a column for you! (hint, hint!)

You know, like a guest column?

Michelle said...

Wow -- they all look so young in the picture!

Bummer on today. I really hope it gets better soon. Sending hugs your way.

Sandy in Illinois said...

It's good the second time around too.

Candi said...

Thanks for the rerun. Since I didn't learn about your blog until after the Pokeman Cards escapade, these are new to me and it's lots of fun to see how much the children have grown!
One look at the pouch and all I can think of is "OUCH!"
I haven't the time for another rhyme
So I'll say, Good Night." and slip out of sight.
God Bless you, Dawn.

Shari said...

I remember this post! I have a question for you. It's Jackson with Vitiligo, right? My Caleb's is spreading and I was wondering, are you doing any kind of treatment for it? If so, what? My son's is moving to his face and neck now.

Mummy McTavish said...

They all look so little!!!!

I took my at the time only child to a zoo once, I havent been able to go back since. They have a bunch of animals roaming free but one caged area with padymelons and you can just wander through amongst them. We had to tear my 16 month old darling away from there because he kept trying to crash tackle the poor little things. They were terrified, he just wanted a cuddle. We don't do hands on zoo's now, we are more aquarium types.
(padymelons are cute little wallaby things)

Marit in Idaho said...

okay Dawn, I am sorry you had a bad day. I had an awful one, as well. It seems we want reruns of the really good days in our lives, just like the best of collection of the brady bunch with easy problems and happy kids and a maid. But, we have our real lives. After yesteday, I was ready to cancel the season. So, I hope not to have a rerun of that type of day!!

And don't worry, I am not suicidal, I just hope that the bad carma that others can cause to us, can eventually touch them enough to let them know that this is what they put us through.

Fortunately, the sun will rise tomorrow, and much too early if you ask me, and I will face my challenges then. But, with a new day, an attempted smile, and of course a sunrise to get the day started.

They say that a day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel. Or when it does, we are stronger in being able to deal with it.

Good luck to you Dawn and I hope you are back on track soon!

Looking forward to your book signings next spring or summer!


Anonymous said...

((((hugs for you))))

Donna in PA :)

♥Southern Gal said...

Great photos! I love the Kangaroo picture the most! :)

Bekah said...

You know I still don't know how you got your six kids into that kangaroo pouch! I tried with my four and we ended up with elbows in knees and fingers in eyeballs. I didn't even get the pic with all four of my kids! Maybe we should have done it at the beginning of our trip instead of the end. Oh well!
Hope you have a better day today!

amy said...

such great the top one!!!

Cathie said...

I didn't know Jackson had vitiligo! My Jacob has vitiligo-on his legs though.

Veggiemomof2 said...

Thank you for the beautiful picture of the zebra! For some reason since I was little, zebras have always facinated me. Only God could make a beautifully striped animal & everyone of them look symmatrical! (ok, I sound weird now)

And yes, what trip to the zoo is complete without seeing a bloated monkey butt? LOL

Susie said...

How is his Vitiligo now?

Anonymous said...

Hope your days go better!!!!! Sending you some good thoughts and wishes

Dawn said...

How is his Vitiligo now? Well, I looked at that old picture and I don't even remember when his spots were that small! His hips are completely white now. He has spots on both arms and legs too. None on his face or hands yet though.

Keren said...

Ha! Now I realize how all those "bat poop" googlers found you :)

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh! That last monkey with the Einstein hair is a Cotton Top Tamarin. Before we had our littlest I SO wanted one of I'm glad I have a baby instead. Thanks for the laugh, I'd forgotten all about wanting one! Hope today is better for you!

karen said...

Wow, I can't believe you haven't commented on the fact that our country has a new president. Are you ignoring this little tidbit?

terri512g said...

I know I really know nothing about ypu except what I read, but I really do hope that your days get easier. I am also praying that God will give you what you need to get through your rough times with as little turmoil as possible and that your days will be filled with more serenity, more smiles and more hugs
Terri from Long Island, New York

Twisty, Winding, Unforeseen Roads said...

I didn't realize Jackson has vitiligo - my best friend has it also. Do you use anything for it?

Sarah said...

I was thinking the same thing Karen was about bat poop googlers. :)

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