Monday, July 9, 2007

It Never Ends

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My husband is Mr. Fixit. He remodels bathrooms and kitchens, he paints, wallpapers, does plumbing, electrical, drywall, removes asbestos, and installs flooring. He does this in everyone's house but ours. He just finished remodeling our bathroom after fifteen years. For fifteen years that bathroom sat there untouched, a breeding ground for mold so thick we opened our own penicillin factory. The bathtub leaked and the windowsill in the shower was rusted. ( I'd like to know what idiot thought it was a good idea to put a metal window in a shower stall!) It was only a matter of time before someone sat down on the toilet, only to fall into the crawl space because the floor was all dry rot. But alas, the cobbler's children have no shoes....

So, Mr. Fixit went to do an estimate on a job at a coworker's house tonight. The homeowner's bathroom had significant water damage. The drywall had to be replaced from the floor to about three feet up the wall. My husband asked, "What happened here?"

The homeowner replied, "Well my kids ran out of toilet paper so they thought that paper towels would be a good substitution. When the paper towels didn't flush, they tried flushing again and again.

Mr. Fixit looked confused and asked, "Aren't your kids in college?

"YES!" she replied. "It never ends! The stupid stuff never goes away! They don't get any better as they get older."

There goes the remaining shred of hope I had for my kids.


Amanda said...

OMG please tell me this story is not true?!?!? Please oh Please oh Please don't let it be true!!!

I must say, I am getting a huge kick out of reading your blog... And it has changed my mind about having a large family. I am currently pregnant with child number 1 and will be stopping after child number 2... If I make it that far!!!

Thank you for the laughs!! I commend you on putting your life on display!!!


peach said...

i have had to go to the beginning to read your story and this is the absolute truth... my kids (i have 2 because i did not want 3) are 19 and 15 and the only real difference in the things they did as young children and now is the cost of the repairs. sigh...

I too am married to the most wonderful talented man who can fix anything and make anything do anthing however, our home of 21 years is in a perpetual state of construction.

my favorite line still today is "huh, what are you talking about?" when asking one of the kids about whatever item is broken or spread from here to glory or totally ruined and they have the evidence on their person. Another sigh, they were so cute when they were little kids... i just keep promising them that i will so completely enjoy when they get married and have children because i have passed on the "mothers curse" to them ... i wish for you to have at least TWO who are JUST like you :-)

thank you for sharing you do have a wonderful talent and its so refreshing to have your blog to read.

Shavon Johnson said...


Your blogs are wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I too am married to a Mr. Fix It. He does it for the military, since everything I ask him to do at home doesn't get done, but if the neighbor comes over with a request it always get finished. I spoke with one of his co-worker's Wives and we figured that if I ask her husband and she asks my husband as favors to do or fix something... we can FINALLY get our Screened in Porch, or Mounted T.V.

Keep smiling about your days... my 7 year old son's joke.... Mom: Close your eyes... I thought he was going to hit me with something or show me something gross... Son: DARK isn't it? HAHAHA

Have a GREAT Day.

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