Friday, October 5, 2012

ADHD: To Medicate or Not to Medicate? How You Can Decide

“Bring me your progress reports,” I called to my kids as they walked in the door. I’d been checking their grades online for the past five weeks so I knew they were all getting As and Bs. Still, I wanted to make sure the progress reports accurately reflected the grades I’d seen online. And, of course, I wanted to see if the teachers had made any comments about my kids’ behavior or performance in class.

When I got to my 8-year-old Clayton’s report, I looked over his grades then paused at the comments section. This is what I read:



noexcuses said...

Great post, Dawn! We chose meds for two of our four and have never regretted it. Made a BIG difference in their personalities! They both could have taken a different path, and we are so happy they chose wisely! Oh, by the way, you are awesome and funny!


Candace said...

Such a great piece! I am a teacher as well as a mom to a wonderful 7 year old boy with ADHD. I've run into most of the things you discussed in your article, either from the teacher standpoint or the mommy standpoint (sometimes both). It is so important to keep an open mind and not to discredit anything just because of the social stigma associated with it. We went the medication route with my son. We are still figuring out the best medication for my son, but already things are so much better. Thank you so much for writing this!

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