Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Capturing Family Memories

 Sometimes, I worry that I’m a candidate for Alzheimer’s. All too often, I walk into a room and stop in my tracks, stand there, and stare into space, wondering why on earth I walked into the room in the first place. I know I had a purpose for walking over here. It’s so frustrating! My kids will ask me, “Mom, did you sign the permission slip? It’s due today” and not only did I forget to sign it, but I can’t even remember where I put it! I fear my memory is failing me. Maybe it’s old age. Perhaps it’s because I have too many things to remember. Or maybe I had one too many adult beverages in my younger days and I killed off a few too many brain cells. Or, most likely, my kids have sucked the smart right out of my head.



Crazy Mama said...

I can't remember my address. Have to look at my license, but can't find my wallet. Left it in my room, but can't find my I in the right house? Don't know, but certainly not the right mind.

Owls Monsters said...

Over the last couple weeks my husband has started to question my sanity, I have been losing and forgetting everything, leaving car doors wide open,putting important things in my pockets (ie. keys, soother) and then ending up looking around the house for 10 minutes and then slapping myself in head when I realize all along I had them :S

Anonymous said...

My kids have also sucked the smart out of my head. They're young though and I'm afraid of how much more smart they will suck from me.

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