Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bikram Yoga is the DEVIL!

A few days ago, a friend told me she wanted to try out yoga and, knowing that I’d been exercising, asked if I’d like to take some classes with her.

“Sure!” I said excitedly. “Yoga sounds like fun!” Isn’t yoga pretty much just stretching? I can stretch! No problem! She found a great special that let us take unlimited classes for a month for $40. Awesome! Before our first class, I ran out to Target and bought a yoga mat so I looked all official and like I knew what I was doing.



Amy said...

No no no! Bikram is awesome. Changed my life, for real. It does get easier, I promise. I went like 20 of 30 days my first month and I felt incredible. Most importantly, I was having horrid back pain and it cured it in three sessions.

scarlettxgrace said...

I'm right there with u! Haha

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