Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Sound Out

I never got around to Sunday Sound Out because my car broke down while I was on the other side of the earth with all the kids. Ugh, that's another story. But here are answers to this week's questions.

How is Savannah doing?
We just got back from the doctor this afternoon and she was very upset to learn that she'll need to stay on the crutches for another 5 weeks at least. She was hoping he'd tell her she could throw the crutches in a bonfire. On the bright side, she's doing well as far as pain goes.

Congrats on the lovely looking book! Can't wait to read it and buy one for my pregnant niece (or should I wait to give it to her after the baby comes so as not to terrify her?!?)
Ummm...about that..... Although newly pregnant, first-time moms will enjoy the book, I think those of us who have already gone through pregnancy and delivery a time or two will find this book especially funny.

LOVING the broken tile under the scale! How funny. Now, should I see it as a sign, seeing as my toilet seat just recently broke in half...?
HA! Hmmm, no, blame the broken toilet seat on the kids. They probably did something to weaken it. (I think that picture of the broken tiles was taken after I got off the scale.)

Love the cover. Pre-ordered. Can't wait. Does working for almost 45 years to lose the "baby-fat" count as trying long enough? Just asking.
FORTY-FIVE years? Oh, you should've given up long ago and made yourself a big ole plate of nachos!

I love reading your blog, but one question why do you have a high chair? Your baby is not that kind of baby anymore. Just wondering.
Yeah, well, I don't have enough chairs for my table. It's either the high chair or an over-turned garbage can.

Do you have any ideas or tips on spring cleaning?
Wait til fall.

So how does nail polish remover work on plastic anyway?
I was supposed to clean it?!

How is it all going with the divorce?
Let's see here. Joe doesn't agree with the judge's recommendation and is taking the matter of the house to trial. He wants to force me to sell now. When asked, "Where will your kids go? Do you want them living on the street?" his standard response is, "It's not my problem." He also owes several thousand dollars in child support. In fact, the last check he sent bounced causing me over a hundred dollars in fees. And, of course, he still isn't involved in the kids' lives, doesn't see or talk to them (other than when he runs into them at work), and hasn't spent time with them in four and a half months. I've had a really positive attitude all along, believing that things will somehow work out. But last night, for the first time, I broke down and cried. The unknown sucks. Seeing your kids hurt sucks. Paying lawyer fees sucks. Worrying about money sucks. Having a husband who acts like this sucks (although, on the bright side, it's solidified my decision to file for divorce.)

OK, I can't end this post on such a um, sucky note. So, here's a Clayism. Today, at lunch, Clay said (all shocked-like), "What is on my pants? What on earth is this stuff on my pants?! Ohmygosh, it's poo! I have POO on my pants, Mom!"

I was completely grossed out at the prospect of his pants covered in poop. How did he get poop on his pants? Is it his? Did he roll around in dog poop? What the heck? I turned to look at him and saw this...

It's brown Play-Doh. And Clay's a punk.


Heather said...

OMG!!!! I've been reading your blog for quite awhile and I've never commented before... but I've got to say that I laughed out loud about Clay's playdoh poo joke!!! Love it!

Paula71 said...

Whew!! I was worried there for a minute. Good one Clay :0) You really got her with that one. Love the blog ( pst don' t look at mine I NEVER update)

You are doing a great job with the kids. We are all sending good thoughts your way.

haggardmom said...

Wow, it's too bad Joe is being that way. Going to trial about the house? That's an awfully big risk for him. It's hard to imagine he's going to win that one... he may think the kids are 'not his problem' now, but he's going to have other problems in a big way if he continues to not pay child support. :-/

Tammy said...

Without the funny things my kids say and do, I sometimes think I'd run away. LOL Huge hugs for all the sucky things you're going through! A funny little story for you: The other day my 4 1/2 year old daughter was struggling to put my 6 1/2 year old son's race track together. He leaned over, and out of the corner of his mouth he said, "I don't think she's going to make it into college." ROFL

Anonymous said...

It's always great when you have a child who can make you smile (or at least grimace) when things aren't going so well. Bet he made you smile, didn't he??

B said...

OMG!! I just love Clay!! He reminds me sooo much of my 5 year old! LOL!!!!

And sorry to hear Joe is being such a jerk. Can I say that? You are a saint Dawn! Raising 6 kids. I look up to you. I have 4 and its hard! Things WILL look up!


Amy said...

Joe sucks.

Amy said...


From experience, I can tell you that it will get better. I'm sorry it's so rough now and that Joe is acting so immature! I did it 11 years ago with 5 kids aged 4 -14. I didn't get child support from 2000-2010 and now I get a big 17.50 a month. That is seventeen dollars and 50 cents towards the 58 grand he owes. He hasn't seen, called, or remembered that he has kids since 2003. The good part? I get mothers day and fathers day courtesy of my kids. They recognize me on both. My kids- all turned out great. And I have a beautiful grandson that my ex has never gotten to see let alone enjoy. You are a great lady and I'm sorry that you're having to go thru all this.

Best of luck!

Donna said...

Dawn.. My heart aches for you and I am at a loss for words about Joe's actions. I can't imagine him wanting to ignore the kids !

Ok..so on with the poo on Clay's pants. That just cracked me up.
Long time ago I put some fake dog poop near the end of our couch.
It looked so real and yes, we had 2dogs at that time.

My poor hubby saw it and freaked out. We argued about 20 min over who was going to clean it up !
Finally I said 'ok, you win, I will clean it up'. I bent down and picked it up and threw it at him.
LOL.......to this day I still laugh about it and he is still upset I did that....

Rebecca said...

At this point, Dawn, I really hope the judge comes down on him. It IS HIS problem, they are HIS kids, and until January, he actually gave a damn.

On a legal note, tell the judge/your lawyer that the checks bounced and he's behind - Joe's wages should be garnished or his accounts frozen (at least, this would happen in NJ), until the child support was paid.

Joe, if you read this: Man up. They are your children and they ARE your problem.

Robin said...

I hate it that you're dealing with all the crap with Joe! However, I'm so glad your kids can provide some comic relief!! Clay is quite the prankster!! :)

Anonymous said...

Clay may be a punk, but he's pretty funny. LOL He's probably funnier to those of us who don't live with him, though, huh? ;o)

I feel really bad for everything that you're going through with your divorce. The fact that Joe is making it harder for no reason is pretty out of whack -- but you already know that, don't you? I'm sending more prayers your way. Know that Jesus will carry you through this. (((hugs)))

Donna in PA :)

Anonymous said...

I hate to even ask, but how are the kids handling the situation? They have each other, and all ages, so hope they are alright. It has to be hard for the whole family, but I'm sure things can work out for the best.

Jennifer said...

can't even fathom hating my spouse so much and having 6 children and telling them 'it's not my problem' if you end up on the street. You're a braver woman than I am Dawn. It's heartbreaking, really. Best of luck as you sort through all of this.

Carrie M. said...

Dawn, speaking as someone who's "been there, done that" let me assure you it will get better. Once this is all finalized and things settle down you will be so much happier. As for the child support, as long as he is in arrears he will never receive an income tax check - you will so thats a bonus! But I do have a question for you (SSO??)...are you going to keep your married name or change it back to your maiden name. Once I got divorced I hated being called Mrs. Hxxxx but I kept it for the kids sake. Now that I'm remarried, all of my children know to tell their friends to call me either Carrie or Mrs. Montgomery.

Jen said...

ROFL @ Clay's joke!!! Oh, and lots and lots of hugsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss for you and your kiddos sweetie. You need anything, let us know. :)

Sandi said...

sorry if this seems too forward of me to ask...but just delete it and forgot I asked if it bothers you, OK?
umm, is Joe using alcohol/drugs? where has this abandonment of his children come from, if not drug induced?
I'm thinking of you, Dawn....praying for continued strength for you!

Alicia aka MyBusyMind said...

Hugs to you while you are going through the divorce. I never can understand how some fathers can just walk away from the kids.

Love the poo pants joke.

Googled funny mom blogs and yours was 2nd on the list.

Six-Pack Momma said...

ROFL! Thanks for the laugh, Dawn! OR should I thank Clayton? I needed that!

Hang in there- I admire you for your attitude. Always have. You are a terrific mom, and you're right- everything will work out.

Sam said...

As always, love the blog sister! And to comment, while dads are important, there's a reason that Oscar winners thank Mom first, and Super Bowl winners take them to Disneyland! You'll make it with your kids just fine. It'll all be okay. :)

Trish said...

Trish from PA

My Life said...


Since you have a lawyer he/she should be taking care of the support problem but if not the above link is to the illinois child suport services.

Colleen said...

I love reading your blog, but one question why do you have a high chair? Your baby is not that kind of baby anymore. Just wondering.
Yeah, well, I don't have enough chairs for my table. It's either the high chair or an over-turned garbage can. <-- my kids used dry wall plaster buckets until just a couple weeks ago when we FINALLY bought chairs. It worked, sorta. My (almost) 3 year old is still in his highchair cause only four chairs came with the table (there are five of us) so, don't feel bad about using an upside down garbage can. :D

Precinct 5 TMR EMM said...

First Time Poster, Long Time Reader. Hang in there kid! You're bright, beautiful, and funny. Best of all, the kids take after you.

Anonymous said...

First time poster here, and I'm not sure how I ran into your blog, but I must say, I'm a fan!

I'm sorry things are so crappy right now with your divorce. Hopefully things work out. And what a funny joke your son played on you!

I love your blog title...I always tell my kid that, "because I said so, THAT'S WHY!'

Dawn said...

I still don't think Joe is a horribly evil person. I think he's hurt and bitter and is making some really poor decisions. It'll be ok in the end one way or another though.

Misty said...

Thanks for the laugh, Clay!! My 5 kids are finally in bed and I needed that. I reached for my computer mouse yesterday and grabbed a plastic beetle, instead. My daughter has Clay humor.

I'm sorry for your troubles. Your kids are lucky to have you there with them through all this. I hope your prayers and good friends are a comfort!


Much More Than Mommy said...

I am glad that Clay and your kids can kind of balance out that sucky stuff! I was about to cry at the paragraph before the story about the poo pants!!!

Brenda said...


Andrea said...

Of course you already know this but it seems to me that Joe is doing this because he is angry at you and it actually has nothing to do with the kids. You are right, he is making poor choices right now. Unfortunately, too many times in a divorce, one parent uses the kids to get back at the other parent. Joe is shutting out the kids in order to get back at you, not them. Hopefully, he will wake up one day soon and realize that he is hurting the kids more than he is hurting you with his actions. Some states require both spouses in a divorce to attend parenting classes before the divorce is final. Too bad Illinois is not one of those states! I think if Joe could get some advice from a professional, he might see that what he is doing is very damaging to the kids. Hugs to you, Dawn!

Anonymous said...

Here's a true poo story. Our senior dog was having a hard time holding it in. One day my girlfriend was sitting on the couch and felt something warm on the top of her foot! You guessed it :O She was barefoot too. Kristine in Michigan.

Alex said...

ps: Clay's poo and his play dough gag had me crying with laughter, literally crying, he is just adorable lol x

Alex said...

Dawn, it has been well over a year since I stopped by your blog (sorry!!) but like yourself am going through hell with my ex. I can very luckily say he is now my ex husband from January this year, thank god. It has now gone to court over our beautiful three girls. I would never ever have said he would turn out like this, he used to be the best dad ever, and i said that to anyone that would listen, as a husband he sucked big time, but father, fabulous. I cannot say that two years down the line and nor, unfortunately, can my girls, and that is the worst thing. I hold myself together with the thoughts that my girls have me, and my new partner in their lives, and yes they love their dad, and miss him, but know that what is happening is for the very best reasons, and that is to keep them safe, happy and loved. He is the one, as is Joe, that is missing out and will regret this time for the rest of their lives. Chin up chick, you have a lot of people out here going through the same thing and wishing you all the best wishes you and your beautiful children deserve xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe,
My cousin just lost her twenty-year old son very unexpectedly. A friend is watching her young son fight a long-term illness. Both of them would give everything they have for just a little more time. You love your kids. You never know when something might happen to your or them. Don't let today slip through your hands.

Anonymous said...

Re: Bounced checks for child support
Check with your attorney...Illinois has provisions where the State can garnish his wages every pay period and send a check issued by the State. The garnishment can be written into the divorce settlement.
NOMB, but sounds like you're better to be rid of him if he's going to give the kids short shrift.

The Bush League Cook said...

Hi--I stumbled across your blog today--and I had to laugh at that picture. Sounds just like something that would happen at our house!
I have added to follow and will be back! Thanks!

Heather said...

Are your books ever going to be available for Kindle?

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