Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And Then the Ogre Ate the Gum Drop Fairy

I'm blogging at Chicago Moms Blog today. Check out "And Then the Ogre Ate the Gum Drop Fairy" HERE.


Priscila Lima said...

Congratulations to Savannah,
your blog is very nice!
beutiful childrens.
God Bless you!
kisses for you and your family.
Priscila Lima.
Paraty RJ (Brasil)

Janet said...

What a great post! The moments when they are nice to each other keep me from going completely crazy when they are mean to each other.

Donna said...

..and when they grow up and have a family of their own and call or come see you and tell you how the kids are driving them nuts you can do like I do - I smile and sit back and tell them I totally understand as that is what they did to me too !!!
All kids do it!

Also brings back a memory of when my kids were little and one friend would call me and try to talk but I was constantly intereputed and she said she wasn't going to call anymore as it annoyed her and she would never have a kid do that.
A few years later she called me and her daughter did the same thing. LOL...... gotta love those friends who think their kids are perfect !!!
Why is it that putting a phone to your ear is like an instant magnet for the kids ..... LOL

And thank goodness for summer as they do love to be outdoors all the time.

Hang in there Dawn
Hugs, Donna from NE Indiana

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