Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Introducing Bugsby

Join Bugsby the Book Worm on a magical reading adventure! Your children will love reading along and interacting with their favorite characters as they build early reading skills. Kids will fall in love with reading as they have fun listening to stories read aloud by their new reading pal, Bugsby.

Awhile back I did some reviews of both the Leapfrog Tag reading system and the Poingo reading system. Although I liked both of them overall, there were some features on each that I really disliked. The Poingo system had a nice pen and a good price, but there are only 6 books available with this system. The Tag system has a much wider selection of titles to go with it, but the tip of the pen is sharp and can tear up the pages of the book if your child presses down too hard, and it's a little pricier. With both of these systems, you have to go online to download books to the pen and the pen only holds a few books at a time.

The new Bugsby reading system by VTech has the best features, in my opinion. The pen is a nice chunky shape, easy for little hands to hold, with no sharp tips that can gouge the pages of the book.

There are 8 titles available with this system to keep your kids busy. And the best feature of all, is that each book comes with a cartridge that slips right into Bugsby's little backpack.

You don't need to spend hours online downloading software and information for each title. Just pop the cartridge into the pen and read/play with the book. When you're finished, store the cartridge in the included holder on each book!

On the VTech Kids website, you and your child can create your own Bugsby story online. It's fun to do and you'll get 10% off Bugsby products when you give it a try HERE!

VTech has a Bugsby reading system to give away to one lucky reader! What a great idea for a Christmas present! Just leave me a comment here and I'll choose a random winner on Monday, November 30. Good luck!

* I have been paid to work with VTech on some promotions and did receive a Bugsby reading system to try out, however, as always, I only give my honest opinions on products I review.


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lesan said...

A great gift idea for my toddler! You get some great review items!

Sue and Randy said...

Love the cartridge system...I wasn't aware of this product and had stayed away from Tag because of the problems you mentioned. Thanks for the review!

pattymerry said...

I think it is awesome that you have these opportunities. I love reading you. Have a great day, and try to slip in a nap somewhere! said...

Did you ever draw the winner for the Bugsby?

Us3JKJ said...

Did I miss the drawing for this? Just double checking and praying "no news is goods news" and I won! Heeheehee :)

Hope you are resting/relaxing! :) Love the blog and thanks for blessing us all with this chance!

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