Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Sound Out

It's Sunday. I'm answering your questions from the week. Then I'm going to bed. I may or may not have a glass of wine and stuff a wad of cotton in my ears to drown out my kids' incessant fighting tonight.

You always amaze me with your cakes?!Did you take any courses or something?
Thank you and yes, yes I did.

Do you use something,(like a picture), to help you design these cakes or do you use a pre-made pattern ?
For the pineapple one, I used a picture of SpongeBob's house and a picture of an actual pineapple and kinda combined them. Usually I use a picture of some sort as a guide for the cakes I make.

Um...That's a pretty FLAT pizza behind Austin's cute face. I thought y'all Chicagoans only ate pizza that rivals lasagne in depth!!! Please explain!

Yes, yes it is. That's Rosati's. Good pizza, but not CHICAGO pizza. We usually get that for parties because, when you're balancing a plate on your lap, it's easier to eat "flat pizza" than Lou's.

*gasp* You are admitting that you defaced a library book?!?!?

Defaced? Oh heck no! I increased its value by signing it! You know, because I'm all famous and everything.

Now that Austin is 15 (!), don't you think it is time for sidebar picture updates?
Yes, yes I do. In fact I was just talking to my web designer about that very thing!

I was shocked to see how grown up Austin looked in the picture you posted! How's he doing in school now that he's had time to adjust to the honors classes?
Don't ask.

So.. hows that going for you Dawn? Are they hanging up their coats yet?

No comment.

Too funny! How did you get Clay and Brooklyn to have such serious faces [in the video]? How many takes did that take?

Amazingly enough, I didn't even have to tell them to act bored. It was almost as if they really were bored with the whole coat hanging demonstration! Inconceivable, I know!

Clayton has the best laugh EVER! Thank you for the morning giggle!

Yeah, it's pretty contagious. If he ever figures that out, he'll be able to get away with murder.

ha! lol! would use it, but here in south Louisiana, you really only wear a coat once a year when there's a freakish below 80 day!

Now was that really necessary?!!!

Holy MOSES - Austin became, like, a real man-boy since I've seen him.

I know. :( They grow up so darn fast! But, on the bright side, he helped me hang up the Christmas lights outside because he's taller than I am and he climbed on the roof to clean out the gutters while he was up there! :)

And to those of you who still think there are no half gallons of ice cream in the world...

"Anyway, I wanted to mention that your SSO question from another reader about ice cream containers is correct. Most ice cream containers are no longer 1/2 gallons; rather, they have shrunk the size down to 1.75 or even 1.5 quarts!"

"Hate to tell you, dear, but the half gallon cartons of ice cream? They're only 1.5-1.75 gallon now."

HA! HA!!! In your face! Take that! I WIN!!! I mean, ahem, yes, yes, they do still make half gallons of ice cream. You just have to know what brands to look for.

And now, it's bedtime for me. Goodnight Seattle!


marybee said...

Blue Bell ice cream still comes in half gallons too!! i am VERY familiar with Blue Bell... said...

OK, do you watch a lot of "Phineas and Ferb" or am I the only one that thinks of them whenever someone says "Yes, Yes I am."?? my favorite quote of all time? "Nothing says Mother's Love like a giant robotic platypus butt." Great show! And on another note, I hope things are better with you and Joe! Even though I don't "know" you, I've been thinking about you and hoping things are working out!

Anonymous said...

Who are these people who have nothing better to do than roam around the net correcting people on the volume of ice cream containers?! Do they personally shop at every store in the world, taking notes, so that in case some random person on the net claims to have purchased a size that "isn't available", they can point out that person's wrongness and thereby save the world from delusion regarding ice cream containers? Is this some sort of secret society or something? Is there some arcane value in knowing by what volume ice cream is commonly sold? And, furthermore, is there some kind of value in correcting people on the topic of the volume of ice cream containers?

For the edification of the Arcane International Society for the Keeping of Ice Cream Container Information, where I live, in Australia, we certainly do not have half gallon containers. Everything here is metric. We normally buy ice cream in one or two litre containers. Please feel free to add this information to the Society's important data-keeping. Such significant knowledge should be preserved, I'm sure. Please use the information for good, and not for evil.

Bekah said...

I'm drooling! We LOVE Rosati's pizza! Mmmmmm! You were wrong Dawn, it's not just good pizza, it is AMAZING PIZZA!

Deirdrea said...

I just wanted to ask if Austin's school has something like we do here. Every student here has their grade logged into "powerschool" (the program that is used by the district) and the parents are given the log in information. I'm able to log into my daughter's grades, which her teachers are amazing at keeping up to date, and see if she is missing assignments and what her grades are on everything.

I hate feeling like I"m checking up on her constantly, but it has helped to be able to keep good tabs on her grades and what she is and isn't turning in rather then getting a huge surprise mid term or at the end of the quarter.

Anonymous said...

I like the reference to Bruce Springsteen in the closing line. I guess everyone has a senior moment from time to time.

Michelle in PA

Liz L said...

I was thinking that Aldi still had half gallons, but I haven't had any in the house in a while since it is too cold for ice cream!

B said...

HA! "In your face" about the half gallon ice cream. Love it! I still buy the half gallon- where are people not finding it??!!

Candi said...

I don't know Chicago Ice Cream makers so I don't know if that's an off brand or not, but we're finding that the off brands around here (greater Tampa Bay, FL area), not only sell real half gallons but offer some different flavor varieties, many of which are on our new favorites list. Just bought one last week - neopolitain (not a new flavor, just better than name brands) with big chunks of regionally grown strawberries, in it - Yum! and couldn't beat the $2 price tag! Next time I'll try the Cream de Mint!

Anonymous said...

I stopped buying Dreyer's ice cream when they went down to 1.5 quarts. 1.75 I could handle, but not 1.5! Of course, a true half gallon is still the best.

Mayberry Mom said...

Kemps is a brand name Ice cream here in WI (they make the Ice Cream in MN, so I'm sure they sell it there too :o) that sells half gallons. I just went to look in my freezer and it does indeed say "Half Gallon"

It must depend on where you live and what brands they sell!

Carrie said...

I always look for Blue Bell ice cream. They pride themselves in still making 1/2 gallon when other brands have stopped-they had a commercial on it. Of course they are extremely expensive given that...they still make a 1/2 gallon and its really super creamy. Yum... Good thing I'm not going grocery shopping tonight or else I know what I would have brought home!!

cakeburnette said...

Bluebell is worth every penny. It is the BEST ice cream ever.

Vincent Navarino said...

I buy the exact same half-gallon ice cream you do! $1.99 at Aldi's. I can't believe there are people out there that buy 1.5/1.75qt ice cream - don't they know that buying that says "thank you" and encourages manufacturers to get away with that kind of (bleep)?

On Stage said...

Don't you just love it when you're right?!!! "In your face"!!! Love it!

After all, even if some brands aren't half gallons, you still have to refer to them as half gallons. How corny would it be to say, "Hey kids, I bought a 1.75 quart of ice cream."?

JDub said...

You make fun of St. Louis style pizza and yet you serve "flat" pizza to your guests? Hmmmmm, me thinks you need to watch your bad-mouthing of pizza!! Great job on the ice cream sizes - I thought the same thing when someone asked about it!!

Jennifer McGuire said...

Bluebell Ice Cream? I'm way up here in Canada and I have a feeling this is yet another thing we don't have across the border. Is it really that good? Should I be driving over the border to buy some? I am close...I could do it, I think.

I would drive anywhere for really good ice cream...

Donna said...

It is never too cold for Ice Cream !
I get mine ftom our local grocery and it is a Half Gallon. It's 1.89 L. I shop at IGA and it is their brand.

I scream-You scream-We all scream for Ice Cream !!!

Can't wait to see your updated pictures of the family but it would be neat to put them beside the old one too.

Hope your week goes better !
Big Hugs, Donna B (NE Indiana)

Suz said...

Hi there, I found you on a friends list. " Because I said So" caught my eye. Not only is it one of my favorite phrases, it is also a great chick flick.

Prior post; the teenage language drives me crazy. Then add the fact that anything they say to you is on a very low setting when compared to yelling at their siblings. So when I ask, " what?" the reply is never mind. Arrgh!!!

I also love to make cakes I have to check yours out.

I would die without coffee ice cream, or any ice cream!



Jennifer Shimmel said...

Hi Dawn,

I'm still loving you rblog and I have prayed for your family many times! Just want to remind you that the offer for a free photo session for your family still stands. You can view my husband's work at
We are based out of Wheaton,IL and would be honored to photograph your family. We have 4 kids and know how fun life can be:) Thanks!Jennifer Shimmel

Spoodles said...

I can totally still buy half gallons of ice cream... just in case you were in need of some ice cream size support...

Heather said...

5 days without a blog post? That's not like you. Are you alright, Dawn?

(Did you meet Anissa Mayhew at the BlogHer Ford event earlier this year? Seems to me you might have. I read on Mimi's CarePages that Anissa has had a stroke and is in need of prayers:

Heather (in Scotland)

Liz's Random Thoughts said...

1, Are you still alive?
2, Have you been kidnapped by aliens?
3, Are your kids ok?
4, Do oou still have internet..?
5 Your readers miss you, but understand family must come first.

Doug and Anna said...

Is everything ok? We miss you!

Bonnie said...

I'm with Heather, Dawn. I hope that everything is going alright for you. Please know that there are a lot of us out here in the blog-o-sphere thinking and praying for you and your family. We miss you!

kerbeary said...

wondering too if everything is ok,,, just concerned. prayers for you...

Sarah said...

A week without a post? I hope all is well! *sending good thoughts your way!*

Anonymous said...

Where are you Dawn... we miss you!
Hope you're getting ready for a happy holiday with your family

Lorene said...

Hope all is well Dawn. It's been over a week so just concerned. Know you are in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard from you... hope all is ok....

Lyuda said...

Ha he... "in your face"?? Hilarious! Good thing you were only thinking that but did not actually post it online. LOL. You make me laugh every time.

Chrissi said...

LOVE Aldi's ice cream, and I didn't know the ice cream came any other way, except the 1/2 gallon, and the big ol' bucket of ice cream! :)

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