Friday, November 6, 2009

Zing Zang Zoom

We went to the circus last night. Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey's Zing Zang Zoom show. It was tons of fun! We hadn't been to the circus for 11 years and the time before that, I was a kid, so it was like umm, slightly more than 11 years ago. If you guys go to the circus, show up early! You can go down on the floor and meet the performers, watch the clowns, try on costumes, see the elephants paint pictures with their trunks and sign up to win a painting. While I was trying to take a picture of my kids (exhibit A), a clown walked by and grabbed my camera. He proceeded to take random pictures (exhibit B, C & D). LOL!

The show was a ton of fun! Zing Zang Zoom combines old fashioned circus fun with magic. The ring master/magician was awesome (even if he had abnormally white teeth. I'm talking "Ross-white", glow-under-black-light white here!) He made an elephant disappear and he walked on the ceiling, among many other cool magic tricks I'm still trying to figure out.

If you plan on going to the circus, make sure you use code MOM at Ticketmaster to get a 4 pack of tickets for $44!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Costumes that people can try on


Jackson's and Clay's favorite part

Not sure why this guy kept saying "sugar" in Spanish

You can't see the ringmaster's teeth glow from here

I taught her everything she knows

I received free tickets to the circus in exchange for sharing the discount ticket code with my readers. I was not paid for my opinions. My opinions are mine alone.


Bailey's Leaf said...

Looks like a lot of fun! :) Glad everyone is well and enjoying some time together.

Anonymous said...


4cheeseheads said...

Dawn - I'm very excited to take my family to this amazing show. I'm having troubles entering the MOM code for the discount. Can you provide any more information as to which spot on the ticketmaster screen we enter this. I'm fairly computer savvy and have tried a few possibilities and it will not show the discount price. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

MaBunny said...

Love the picture of the kiddos, but Austin didn't look to thrilled to be there! the rest of the pics look like alot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Just found this on Circle of Moms and thought maybe this respondent was a fan of yours:
In response to Any suggestions for a name for a 3rd boy?
(November 5, 9:54 pm) Austin. I think that would fit nicely with Jack and Clayton.

Austin definitely does fit nicely with Clayton, and Jack(son)! LOL

Michelle said...

Wow, your pictures turned out SO much better than mine. I "need" a new camera ;) So cool at the circus, although we missed out on the pre-show stuff. Poor horse :(

Donna said...

I bet you all had a great time.
And I am so glad you got your camera back so we could see these pictures...LOL

Don't worry about your Mom.
Remind her that she is hurting your kids behaving this way.
In time all will be forgiven.

It's your life and you can live it like you want.
Just Be happy ....

Hugs, Donna (N.E. Indiana)

Robin said...

Looks like everyone had fun...well, except maybe Austin. :)

I saw your twitter about your mom...sorry she's mad at you. I'm assuming she's still upset about the previous blog about Joe. I hope things get straightened out soon. Praying for peace in your family~

Lori said...

Twelve years ago I won a drawing from Sears and Ringling Brothers that included a private party for myself and nine guests prior to the circus, meeting the performers, a private tour behind the scenes before it was open to the public, special reserved seats and so much more. It was AWESOME!!! Your post brought back all those memories!

Meghan said...

Hi Dawn! Wow--your blog post is amazing! It looks like everyone had a great time-it is such an amazing show! I noticed that one of the comments expressed the fact that there is some difficulty in activating the MOM discount code for tickets. Anyone can email me at if they experience any difficulty with this! Thanks so much, Dawn! :-)

kimikki said...

I used to work for a family whose son was a Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus clown. His blog is terrific! He has concluded his time with them, but his blog is still online --

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