Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Sound Out

Are you alive? Did the library guy find you? I'm having Dawn & Co. withdrawls!
Sorry, I've just been busy with life, the trip to PA, the play I'm in, finishing up my book...

I love that pink striped shirt where did you get it?
Old Navy! Is it weird that both Savannah and I like to shop there?

I love Lexi's new glasses but ummm they're new? Again? Fingers crossed it was just a new prescription that necessitated this.
Yes, actually, this time she just needed a weaker prescription. Her doctor is trying to wean her off the glasses!

Did you ever think about entering the Oklahoma Sugar Art and Cake Decorating Competition? It's obviously in Oklahoma but it isn't just for Oklahoma citizens. You could probably do very well with your beautiful cakes. If Oklahoma doesn't sound appealing, you should at least enter the IL State Fair.And are you teaching your children how to decorate cakes? I know they probably see it as "one of Mom's dorky hobbies" but it is a really wonderful skill to have.
I've never considering entering any competition, but I like to watch them on Food Network. Does that count? And yeah, Austin and Savannah like to help me with cakes now. :)

How in the world do you go about cutting up your fabulous cakes?
Eh, I just throw it on the floor and let the kids have at it.

I want to see pictures of Duff's cakes at your book launch. That would be totally awesome...OMG I just sounded like him didn't I??I need to get a life.LOL
Duff is AWESOME! I just know if he met me, he would not only want to make me a cake, but he'd want to date me too! Oh, I just crack myself up.

Hi Dawn, Have you ever recieved any gifts in the mail from your fans? I can see a few new notebooks coming soon.
LOL, umm nope. But as it says on my contact form, I happily accept chocolate, rum, professional cleaning services, and large cash donations. ;)

How's the second book coming along???
I finished it today! Now, I hope my publisher likes it and my editor can work her miracles with it.

Has anyone else said that their handwriting looks just like yours? I looked at your notes and numbers and seriously thought you had somehow gotten ahold of one of my notebooks.
Nope. That's not my real writing. That's my scribbley writing. I am capable of writing neatly. For real.

i know this is totally out of the blue, but can we see some pictures of when you and joe started dating and of your wedding? i really really wanna see!
Maybe some day. I don't really feel like looking through my wedding album right now.

Just a thought, but have you ever considered the "creepy guy" sat next to you because he thought you were cute?
LOL! Ummm nope.

Your friends may be on to something with the ADD thing....There appears to be a genetic component to ADD, with Jackson having it there is a decent chance of either you or Joe having it as well...just some food for thought.
Oh, I know exactly where Jax got his ADHD. I won't name names, but it rhymes with "blow".

What I'm truly fascinated by is not so much your dorkiness, but the fact that you have coffee in the library.
Not all libraries do?

congrats on finishing the manuscript (assuming I interpreted this correctly)! Whoo! So when are you going out to celebrate?
Can't I just celebrate all month week?

Hi Dawn, here's Sunday Sound Out question for you! Now that your manuscript is all done, what are you going to do next? I know you're in another play, "acting" as a drunk and all, but would you consider donating blood? I hear there is a very, very VERY BIG shortage of O NEGATIVE and B NEGATIVE blood out there, and that by donating blood you could save THREE lives, or the lives of FIVE babies. If you are afraid of needles, I know of one certain "maniac" that would go with you and hold your hand and even buy you lunch afterward. Just your normal SSO question for you, yanno! : ) xoxoxo
You're still a dork, Manic. Everyone go donate some blood, save a life, and earn a chance to win a trip to FL!


Martha said...

I've very happy (for you) that you finished your manuscript! That is an awesome accomplishment!

Amy said...

So funny you posted a picture of Duff on your SSO. What would really be AWESOME would be that he would want to have you make cakes with him and his crew. You really are good at it! He would be really impressed to see your cakes, I'm sure. He does have a girlfriend, though. I still need to get a life.LOL

Dinner/Dishes/Drinking said...

I was reading all the way through the SSO questions and starting to panic thinking there wasn't a begging post from Manic and then tada, at the end, there it is! All is right with the world! Happy to see you finished your book Dawn!!

Shari said...

Dawn: You are so cool! I still love your blog and I started reading it right after the whole ebay pokemon thing that you wrote. You amaze me! I do pray however that your marriage goes on the upswing soon. An icky marriage is never fun!

Anonymous said...

okay now, where are the pictures that you promised to show off?! you gave us one to see, but then never mentioned them again.

Ruth said...

Thanks for answering my question on the sso! I think it's cool you find the time to respond to your readers e-mails. I won't even presume to know what is going on in your marriage, but something must be going around. Married 15 yrs, 4 kids and last week my 5 yr old daughter took out our wedding pictures and I didn't really want to look either. Maybe it's a 15 yr thing, or maybe our husbands become morons as they age. I'm going with the 2nd one. Hang in there! I hope you come to Michigan (Detroit area)for your book tour!!! I can't wait for your book to come out:)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I heart you so very much, and so do the people whose lives you saved.

I'm so glad you finished your book. But I hope you get to live in "write-another-book-Hell" again someday really soon!

xoxoxoxox The Maniac Manic One!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing your book! Can't wait until they all come out. I'm going to get one for my mom, sister, co-workers.....yout the picture. I don't have any kids of my own, so I have to have an excuse to buy a bunch!

geelizzie said...

I am SO thrilled to see my 'coffee in the library' comment answered in your Sunday sound out!! I feel like a minor celebrity now!
No, we don't have coffee in our libraries here, but think what having a Starbucks kiosk in the library would do for readership, not to mention the kickback from Starbucks for allowing them to set up shop there. (our libraries are hurting for funds and always have been)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
I'm sorry to hear it's been rough in your marriage lately. Change is hard on marriages, and you've had a lot of good ones lately. I wish you both all the best. You don't always say much about Joe, but considering that you have six great kids, I'm suspicious he's done good things since the sperm donation stage! :)

GrammaMack said...

My oldest son and his wife split up a couple of years ago. They have two little boys, who have suffered terribly from the breakup. Because they have children together, the parents have to stay in contact, and there is constant nastiness between the two of them. My heart breaks for all of them. It has illustrated to me like nothing else that there are very good reasons why God hates divorce and why Jesus said,"What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate" (Matthew 19:6). Divorce is usually a terribly destructive thing to all involved. May God heal your marriage.

Michelle said...

I'm so not saying anything about the previous comment, but I am giggling a little.

Go donate, Dawn. You don't have anything better to do, right? ;) Now that you finished the book and have so much free time and all! Is there a potential third book in the works at some point, or are you just focusing on getting the first two out?

You SOOOO need to find a way to get a Duff cake for your launch party. And I so want to invite myself along -- and not just to see a cake in person. Congrats on the finishing. I can't wait to see the real book! (hey any possibility of donating a copy to the special needs preschool for our Cinco de Mayo fundraiser?)

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