Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Bunch of Random Stuff

First off, I want to thank Alicia at Raina's Designs for this totally cute dress that she made for my baby. These pictures don't do it justice! It's gorgeous! There's so much detail from the lace to the little flowers. This woman can sew and with an actual sewing machine too, not my "sewing" method of hot glue and duct tape. I would've taken a picture with my baby wearing it, but she has a cold and was crabby and not very compliant today (besides I wouldn't want her to get snot on it.)

I want to also thank Kim at Lillian Grace Boutique for making Lexi this adorable tutu and this T-shirt that says, "Move over Cinderella!" She wants to sleep in it every night! Talk about "fit for a princess". I'm not sure what she's doing in the picture. Posing? Shooting laser beams from her fingers? Doing a cute little wave?
And I want to thank Lindsay at My Family Meal Planner for sending me her family meal planner. This is a great cookbook with super easy recipes for busy folks. The really cool part of this cookbook is that she's got four meals planned every week and she includes a magnetic pad of paper with a grocery list for each week printed on each sheet. You can tear off a sheet, hand it to your husband, send him to the store, and as long as he sticks to the list, you'll have the ingredients for four nights of meals. Last night we had taco soup and it was simple to make and yummy to eat. Everyone liked it. Well, except Brooklyn who had fish.....

.....plastic fish
Gotta get those Omega-3s

Yes, that's my almost 40 year old child. Don't want to let the kids have all the fun now, do we? Between you and me - I don't think he was using it as a Pogo stick. I think he was fantasizing about using machinery i.e. a jackhammer.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Oh yes - thank you to Sandy, a nice woman from my church who has been telling me that "I started reading your blog back before you became 'famous'." She sent me this email...
Just for your information. I found a city named Bob in Louisiana. So even though it would sound out of place in your list of names, it would continue your theme.
I stand corrected. I guess you can have an Austin, Savannah, Jackson, Lexington, and Bob. LOL!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Here is a link to my most recent interview in The Daily Herald.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Again, I want to thank everyone who's taken the time to leave me a comment or email me. You don't know how much I appreciate it. I do read all of them. Seriously. I only answer a very few because I just don't have the time. I wish I could write you all a personal thank you, but until I figure out a way to add another ten hours to my day, I just can't.
Thank you so very much!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My little boy is having his adenoids and tonsils removed and possibly a second set of tubes put in his ears tomorrow. I won't be around to update tomorrow night because I'll be staying with him in the hospital. But since you guys are so awesome, I'll take a notebook and some pens and write a funny story while I'm there so check back in Thursday night. ;)


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Beth said...

My 2 year old son just had his adenoids removed and his first set of tubes put in on Tuesday 9/11. What a day huh?
I hope everything goes as smoothly for you guys as it did for us. Good Luck!

Victor said...

LOL yes omega 3. your 40 child looks like hes having fun ;)

Anna Maria said...

Hi there-so since I came across another silly blogging 1/2 greek from chicago with tons o kids I had to say hello. so HELLO.
wishing quick and easy recovery for your little one and will enjoy looking in on you again soon. You crack me up. Oh and you do have me beat by one, only 5 kids in our troupe (so far) I did not just type (so far), I did not just type (so far).
also found an interesting and very past the eating date opened cup of pudding under the couch recently. Domestic bliss.
with love!! xoAnna Maria

:o) mg said...

Praying all will be well.

Brandi H. said...

It's not easy to take a little one to the hospital. I hope all went well. Blessings.

Life is Full of Thoughts said...

Good morning! Thank you for a smile on my face!
I had my adnoids taken out and tubes put in my ears when i was about. oh. 5? Highly sugesst a comfort blanket/bear/toy, major help. (but now realizing that you will be posting later on tonight...so the sugery already happened. dorky me) well i hope all went well. I never found out whats so important about adnoids. Do you know?

Have a good day!

Miranda said...

Hi Dawn --

I'm a new mother in SE Wisconsin and work full-time in Illinoise.

Funny thing, my Mother-in-law just compared me to Erma Bombeck last week. I sent out this email to all my friends and family:

So, I had the best morning this morning!


Lucas was up again last night at 12, 2, and 4. Kevin took the 12 & 2 feeding (but of course I still woke up for it) and we both took the 4 feeding cuz he was screaming his head off. I finally fell back to sleep around 4:30, just to have my damn alarm go off at 5. I get up (barely) and as usual have to pump IMMEDIATELY or else I will explode! :) After I'm done pumping, I go into the kitchen to separate out the milk and swing my arm around and 12 oz of milk goes flying everywhere! On the wall, counter, cabinets, floor -- underneath my knife set on the counter, on the clean bottles, nipples, etc. CRAP! So, what seemed like 1/2 hour later (probably only about 10 minutes) I finally have it all cleaned up. So, I finally hop into the shower and start to get ready for the day.

A little bit before I am going to leave the house, Lucas wakes up. So, of course I want to get a 'story' out of him and cuddle for a minute before I leave -- right?!! So, I put him on the changing table, take off his diaper (which was only wet) AND BAM! he poops EVERYWHERE! He stuck his hands and feet in it too!!!!! So -- again -- what seemed like 1/2 hour later (probably only 10 minutes) I get him and myself and the changing table cleaned up. Lucas has a new outfit on and I hear him pooping some more. I decided that diaper was all Kevin -- so I put him next to Kevin in bed and ran out of that house! :-)

Is it time to go to back to bed yet???

Have a fabulous day everybody!!!!!!!!!


S said...

God bless...prayers that the surgery was uneventful, the night was peaceful and the house still intact when you get home!

S in TX

Catherine said...

I'm almost sorry for leaving a comment, since I know that it takes you awhile to get through them all. I'm actually pretty sure it will be next year before you even read this! LOL! But enough of that, let's get to my point. I recently started reading a book called "Smotherhood" by Amanda Lamb, it reminds me of you, except with a lot less humor. Honestly if she can write a book and have it published, you should have NO problems! Good luck to you!

Gigi said...


You've prolly seen this, but it's fantastic and histerical and genious!

Richmond said...

I too have an almost 40yo child. You can sit by me. :) And I have chocolate and wine (or rum if you prefer).

You have given me many laughs since my first visit - thanks.

Cindi Dickey said...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being a great voice of Motherhood!!! I am a stay-at-home mom who thinks, at times, I have the only breed of Loons on the block. it is nice to see that I am not the only one who is driven to distraction by her kids. I have three boys who worry me most when they are "behaving"! I swear when we get our septic pumped next, the RotoRooter guy will find an entire village of Lego's in there. Thanks for being a great pick-me-up in my crazy day!

RainasDesigns said...

thoughts and prayers went out for your son, hope he is feeling better today. :-)

Thank you so much for posting this and thanks to all the wonderful comments about the dress. I love to create unique and beautiful clothes for girls and it makes my heart smile to hear that others love them too. :-)


Mamasaidquit said...

Hey, be careful of those pogo sticks... my 10 year old was on one last week, hit a slick spot in the garage & fell on his face. This little mishap caused 8 stitches in the chin, 7 stitches under the bottom lip, 4 stitches INSIDE of the bottom lip, 2 broken front teeth (which broke off & stuck in his bottom lip), and a bi-lateral fracture to the jaw (which means he broke his jaw on BOTH SIDES). This has resulted in a diet which consists of nothing but yogurt (no more artwork), pudding, mashed potatoes, soup & milkshakes. Not to mention the root canal & caps that will have to be done on the 2 front teeth. sigh. Who knew a pogo stick could cause so much damage?

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