Sunday, September 2, 2007

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Sorry if the title of this post now has you singing show tunes from The Sound of Music.

OK, someone "tagged" me, so I guess I'm supposed to answer these questions. As silly as these questions are, it saves me from coming up with something real to write tonight, so thank you!

Oh yeah - before I forget I have to give a little Loopy shout out! :)

Favorite Food: Pizza. Not any ole pizza though. I'm from Chicago, so it has to be Chicago pizza. And to my NY friends - no, Chicago pizza is NOT a casserole.

Favorite Month: Hmmm, I'm going to have to go with August. It's still nice and hot and I don't have to take an extra 2 hours searching for lost mittens, putting boots and snow pants on squirming little ones just to have them poop in their diaper the minute I get them bundled up. And, of course, it's the month the kids go back to school!

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite Sport: Buckling my kids into their car seats. Hey, if poker can be a "sport", getting my kids in the car can be a sport too. Seriously, I have 4 in car seats and 1 door on my van. I've done contortions that would have the folks at Cirque de Soleil weep with jealousy.

Favorite Season: cinnamon ;) Hee hee hee! Get it? Season? seasoning? Not fall or summer, but cinnamon. LOL!!! Oh wow, did I really just write that? I think it's time for bed.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Coconut

Favorite Time of Day: When the kids are sleeping

Last Cigarette: the day I found out I was pregnant with my first child (more than 13 years ago)

Last Drink: would it be bad if I said just yesterday?

Last Car Ride: about 5 minutes ago. I had to pick up my son who was going to sleep over at a friend's house, but developed a headache and wanted to come home.

Last Movie Seen in a Theater: Titanic (I don't get out much)

Last Phone Call: The Chicago Tribune (the article will be in tomorrow's paper)

Last CD Played: Jimmy Buffet

Have You Ever Been on TV: Yep! I made my television debut in 1978 on Bozo's Circus. I was picked to participate in a contest where I had to decorate a balloon to look like Bozo's head. I won and I remember being sad because I really wanted to get the parting gift (the game Mastermind) instead of the first place prize that I won.

Thing You're Wearing: underwear. What? I didn't say I was wearing only underwear!

Thing You've Done Today: I negotiated world peace, discovered life on another planet, painted a fresco on my ceiling, and figured out a way to lower gas prices to under $5 a gallon. (Somehow that sounds so much better than, "broke up some fights, did some laundry, washed some dishes, cleaned up some toys, read some mail, paid some bills, changed some diapers, cooked some meals......)

Thing You Can Hear Right Now: my baby snoring

Thing You Can't Live Without: oxygen

Thing You Do When You're Bored: I don't believe I've experienced boredom since 1994.

Coke or Pepsi: Dr. Pepper

Hot or Cold: HOT!

What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? Discover the secret to immortality.


Mary said...

Hi Dawn!

Love your blog!!!

I thought of you the other day when my child told me this:

“You can tell me what not to say but you can’t tell me what not to think – I’m going to think all the things in my head that you won’t let me say…so there!”

For some reason the first thing that I thought of was, "I bet Dawn would know exactly how to respond!"

I however, did not. I just slowly backed out of the room in awe of her reasoning. lol

Crazymamaof6 said...

way fun! and i love dr. pepper too!
and i love your circus act i mean sport of buckling the kids in the car seats! good times!

Serial Mommy said...

I happened to be reading your blog when you updated, so I get to be the first comment. I'm a mostly SAHM of 4. I read your EBay auction through a link on a message board I go to. Then I read your blog. And it made me realize that people actually read things like that, so I started one of my own. I relate to all that you are saying in your blog, and I laugh quite a bit, though I'm sure it's from equal parts sympathy and humor! I want to say thanks for sharing. Thanks for putting the seed in my head to write down the craziness of my own home. Oh, and my brother was on Bozo's show as well, in about 1985 or so, and I too prefer Chicago pizza to New York, though I haven't been able to have any for quite a while because I always forget to stop on the way through to Wisconsin or back (I'm in Michigan and Grandma lives in Wisconsin). And, ironically, my husband's best friend from childhood who now lives in the Daytona area is nicknamed Loopy and your shout out made me think of him. Have a pleasent day, and I wish you some sanity and peaceful moments in the midst of the chaos that is our children.

Trish said...

oh how I love your wit and humor. Some days you inspire me to blog even. Which is no small feat considering that I constantly feel I have no original thoughts in a day. Just a rote repetition of the same handfull of things.

Oh, and I love the Princess Bride. One of my top five faves. "You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means" "anybody got a peanut?" :D

Kat said...

Ugh. It's definitely such a pain to finagle (sp?) all my kids (5, 3, and 5mo) into their car seats, so I just gave up. I've found that a good role of duct tape works quite well to keep them in place.

You were on the Bozo show? Too cool. My brother and I used to watch that everyday before school.

Anonymous said...

Your are hilarious! I check your blog at least 3 times a day to see what is going on. I only have 2 kids (a Category 4 hurricane and a catagory 2 hurricane) but you really do make me feel like I am not alone. Thanks for bringing some sanity back into this Stay-at-home Mom's life and most importantly knowing that it's OK to sit in your underware at the computer and drink :)

I Didn't Do It... Blame My Kids said...

I have to say that I read your blog as often as I can because I know that, in my own insane kid filled world, you will bring a smile to my face, and I'll probably be able to say, "Uh huh... Yep... Haha... I'm not alone."

I am 20 weeks pregnant with pretty bad lung disease, fibromyalgia, and a pretty messed up back, and yesterday I threw my back out and am now on bedrest for a few days per doctor's orders. Your journal reminds me of the reason we have kids.

They drive us nuts. We want to hang them from ceiling fans by their toes and sit and eat popcorn while they spin and hopefully say, "Weeeeee," but they are our little bright stars who wear tupperhats and make a pop band out of our pots and pans and scream at bedtime until our bed is filled with kids happily snuggling in with mommy and daddy.

Yeah....they drive us nuts, but thanks for reminding me that what they really do is enhance our lives. Kudos!

KeilanS said...


I just read your ebay article and it was the funniest thing I've seen on ebay since the empty box that sold for $300 (the winning bidder did not know it was empty). And I laughed pretty hard at that box, so that's saying something.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that you are incredibly good at humourous writing (although I have to wonder how funny you find some of this stuff :), your readers don't have to clean up the messes after all). And if you do write a book, I'll probably buy it.

God Bless, and keep blogging, because I always enjoy a good laugh.

jodi said...

great post..keep it up!

2boysmama said...

Good luck to you with your sons' surgery. My son had his tonsils and adenoids out when he was a 2 1/2 b/c of frequent sinus infections and he snored VERY loudly. Funny you said so many suggested eliminating milk for ear infections. My son is anaphalctic (allergic) to milk and has never had a sip of it. Obviously it doens't always help!

Amee said...

I have to agree with you...Chicago pizza is the best and it's NOT casserole! I live in Seattle, but when I get to Chicago...PIZZA! And..we share our favorite time of day, although I do love how snuggly my little boys are first thing in the morning (for about 3 minutes). God bless you and your family!

lma said...

You can have my share of the heat, then. No, please; be my guest. We had 105 degrees here in my part of Central California today.

True, this is not as bad as last year, when we had several days in a row over 110, but still...since it is my humble opinion that 80 degrees is too hot I've got more heat here than I know what to do with.

Anonymous said...

Oh Man! This is all your fault! ;) It's after 2:00 am and now I'm hungry for Giordano's Pizza and Dr. Pepper. I guess I'll just console myself by watching The Princess Bride. Your blog is such a blessing, Keep up the good work!

Laura (another mom of 6 blessings)

Becky said...

Dawn, you Rock! You have this way of validating and encouraging moms everywhere, by giving voice to all those things they would love to say about their daily lives, but couldn't do quite so eloquently (or with as much humor)as you! You've got a gift! And thanks for putting such a positive spin on motherhood.
It's great to know that other moms also feel a little cooped up and insane at times, suffer from a shortage of adult conversation, and that deal with things like food on the ceiling and minivan gymnastics! I am not alone!
Your posts brighten my day. Keep it up! God Bless you and your beautiful family!

suzanna said...

Last Movie Seen in a Theater: Titanic (I don't get out much)

Me too. I was 8.5 months pregnant with my first baby.

I don't miss it though, I totally prefer DVDs anyway. The pause button is the best thing ever invented!

Love your style Dawn... Thank you!


Daun Ann said...

Dawn, you must be my twin sister with your sarcastic nature. :-)

I only have 3 girls, 16 yrs (is good), 13 yrs (Oh My Lord) and 8 yrs (is great) and I am (gasp) almost 40 yrs old. The 8 yr old is sometimes A LOT older than the other two.

I've wanted to post for quite a while, but I know you are busy and didn't want to have you READ another post. But I had to today.

Good luck with Son and Car. Sorry to hear about all that.

I check your blog FREQUENTLY. I know I am guaranteed a laugh and you help me thru the day.

From another
Daun (pronounced the same way, just spelled different)

Victor said...

LOL what an interesting set of answers and questions!

Genevieve said...

I was on Bozo too! I grew up in Hoffman Estates and then later Long Grove so these Chicago-land tidbits are so enjoyable to me!
Loved the article and simply adore your blog!

Tulip said...

rotfl, now you're definitely my favourite web-celeb. Another Dr.Pepper fan! none of this coke or pepsi nonsense...

Mattie said...

Love your blog, makes me giggle often. BTW...

I know the secret to immortality... His Name is Jesus. Anybody wanting to know more can email me at

PaulG said...

I just read the Trib article and I am going to tell my wife about it when she gets up from a nap because she is "tired"

Juniebird said...

I was going to say that if your favorite movie is The Princess Bride then you should go see Stardust. But since the last movie you saw in a theater was Titantic I guess I'll just recommend that you put Stardust on your list of DVDs to rent when it comes out!

I enjoy your blog very much. I have 5 kids but mine range in age from 10 to 28. It's all in the spacing. =)

Andi said...

Thing I Can't Live Without: Reading your blog!!

Suburban Kamikaze said...

Just read your story in today's Tribune and I am kicking myself that you thought of this first.
What a clever way to jumpstart your writing career.

I am speaking of course, of your decision to raise a half dozen human beings to adulthood.

You will never run out of material and having mastered the art of getting six kids into car seats and getting anywhere on time, you are more than qualified to juggle deadlines.

We are raising our glasses to you over at the Suburban Kamikaze. Congratulations! And stop by.


Lacey said...

ok, how strange is this! i was gonna post that i was on the bozo the clown show also (i don't meet too many people who even remember the show). but then when i came to leave a comment, i see that my mother is the comment above mine (juniebird). which is really ironic cause she lives in TX and i'm ND.

i also love reading your blog. i wish i could have one, but i'm not good with words nor do i have anything interesting to say like you do.

Melanie said...

Love you blogs, and your ebay auction. I just was shown it today when someone forwarded it to me, they told me it sounded just like me! WOW! We do have quite a bit in common, I'm a daycare provider, stay at home mom to THREE boys, and the oldest is 13, born in 1994 (duh!) and I drink Dr. Pepper to make it through the days! I added your blog as a favorite, so I'll be reading more! The pizzas? I don't konw, I live in Kansas and havne't had NY or Chicago! LOL We have Big Cheese?
Gotta go, my three are in the hose in the back yard so I can get some work done on this Labor Day in the house. Take Care, Melanie

Julie said...

I'm sooooo with you on the Dr. Pepper!

allisa3 said...

Hi, I love your blogs, they make me realize I'm not alone. With 6 kids and another on the way, age 13,11,6,4,3,1, and I run a farm too. Just wondering do you have an area of your house you decide well today I'm going to start here, I find I always start at the kitchen, after cleaning benches, dishes, table then getting to scrubbing the floor, you can guarantee the kids will come along and spill the carton of milk all over the floor, or the handle comes off the saucepan while preparing dinner and it ends up on the floor too, it's murphys law, you scrub the floor and something will end up splattered all over the floor. And then guaranteed you vacumn the floor in the lounge and bedrooms, the kids always seem to sneak biscuits or chips past you and you find them crushed into tinny pieces into the carpet. Oh did I mention I live in a small 3 bedroom house, you'd think it wouldn't take me long to clean up a small house, but not the case!! You make the beds, only to discover 10 mins later, that the little darlings have pulled it appart to make a tent, you only discover this after noticing how quiet it is and go to investigate.

Same as I thought I'd paint the girls room in a nice fairy theme, I was so proud of my masterpiece, only to discover the next day that the kids thought they needed to add their own touch of artwork in a texta that is non removable. I spent ages and frustration putting up a lovely fairy boarder to set the room off only to discover that night my 3 yr old decided she didn't want it above her bed!!!

Grrrr Kids you got to love them. I know your thinking, omg and your having another one? Yes I'm quiet insane really!!!

Evanna said...

Coconut as an ice cream flavor??? Dear lady, I shall pray for you! :-) LOL!

Katirocks said...

I love your answers!! Good Job!!
- Kati

Dianne said...

Yay The Princess Bride! One of my favorites too!

The last movie I saw in a theater, astonishingly enough, was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. My thrice-blessed took the children to see Ratatouille so I could go to the movie allllll alone. Can you imagine? A whole movie, with no trips for more drinks, no trips to the potty, no one climbing across my legs, no skinny eight year old body-surfing across the rows of seats when the movie ended...Ahh, bliss.

MBKimmy said...

Love your answers! Hope the fmaily is welL!

Tim said...

Somene sent me a copy of the e-bay auction and my wife and I have been hooked ever since!
Don't doubt yourself or worry about what others think about your life or how you operate.
You're a SAINT for having six. We've got 2 and they're rough to manage... I can't even imagine what your day-to-day is like.
Keep writing and we'll keep reading.

T & K

Candace said...

I got to read the Trib article...saw it in the paper before it went to line the bird cages. I was like, Hey, I know her! (Well, not really, but you know...)

I also was able to go on the Bozo show, but I was a mere spectator. My only claim to fame was that when my Mom and I reviewed the tape we found they put this dot on my mom that expanded to shop the Bozo Show logo. (Say that three times fast...) We were honored.

Awesome writing, btw. We have virtually nothing in common (other than the fact that I am female and I have kids, but not 6!). Oh, and I'm in IL, but can't remember if you still are. But you are hilarious. The hubcap rolling away from your van...priceless.

Jen said...

Ahhh...but the question is...Giordano's pizza, Gino's on Rush, Lou Malnati's? LOL! All we can get out here is Uno's and Old Chicago and frankly, it just ain't the same. We try to make our own and just stuff our faces when we get home.

The Estrogen Files said...

Your lips to my ears, girlfriend! I love me some Princess Bride.

Last movie in a theater? What's a theatre?

Pickel said...

Gosh, Bojo's Circus! You ARE from Chicago! Why are you not a Chicago Moms Blogger?????? email me!

Kayla said...

Hey! I just found your blog, what an amazing woman you are!!!

I just wanted to mention, for the question "What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?" You said "Discover the secret to immortality" well, I don't know if you're Christian or not..but being saved promises eternal life :) :)

chem_gang said...

Hiya Mrs Dawn!

I'm a 17 yrs old who belong to a group of friends that started a blog only a month ago. I've just finished typing up a rather depressing confession of a sort in the blog - you know, the usual teenager's angst - and I was browsing through random blog by clicking *Next Blog*, *Next Blog*, *Next Blog* (Lemme tell you, most of these blogs are in foreign languages.)

Anyway, I happens across another blog which mentioned your Pokemon's Cards sale on Ebay.

Curiosity perked, I followed the link and boy was I surprised at what I've found.

So here I am, about half an hour later, going through your blogs, entranced by your witty and mesmerizing anecdotes...

Seriously, you are all that (referring to the comments you got) and more... I'd love to see a book written by you someday.

So good luck with everything.

You've made my day,

Darc-Iowa said...

The Bozo Show! Oh how I always wanted to be on the Bozo Show! I can remember setting up the Grand Prize game in my living room, and throwing ping pongs into cups. Thinking I could do much better then those kids that couldn't make it into the second cup... hehehehe!

Bald Headed Geek said...

I'm tagging myself with the question list! :-)

My wife's favourite movie is When Harry Met Sally, but the Princess Bride (which, by my calculation, she has forced me to watch 9,032,487 times. Approximately. I may be a little low on that number.) is a close second! ;-)


Tonya said...

mmmm, pizza
and The Princess Bride?

Anonymous said...

I am prefer hot over cold, also. That is why I moved from upstate NY to Charleston, SC. Huge Jimmy Buffett fan too so if you want to run away, come on down. All I have is a 3 month old little girl who's a really good baby (she sleeps 10 hours at night). Once you arrive, we can be on the beach with margritias in 20 mins!

Amy Leigh said...

"My name is Iniego Montoya. You keel my futher. Prepare to die!"

I love The Princess Bride!

Nikki *Ü* said...

I LOVE it!!! I feel a kinship to you simply because "The Princess Bride" is your favorite movie. There's none better!! (OK, except for the Pirates movies and "Braveheart" being right up there with it, but you know what I mean. LOL) Love some of your comments and, oh man, if you said cinnamon for your favorite season, then I know you get just like me when I'm REALLY tired!!! LOL

Erin said...

LOVED your answers for favorite sport and what you did today!! No wonder you're getting asked to do interviews and write're hilarious! I'd buy a book by you.

Anonymous said...

Shout out for the Dr. Pepper Lovers in the world!! I was appalled to find out that Dr. Pepper is not a regular drink in least in the part i visited. awful!!!

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