Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Kids' Resolutions

A couple nights ago I asked my kids if they had made New Year's Resolutions. This is what they said:

AUSTIN: I have no resolutions.  (Way to shoot for the stars there, son.)

SAVANNAH:  I want to lose weight and become a better water polo player.  (What normal, well-adjusted resolutions.)

JACKSON:  I want to keep my room clean and get better grades.  (Bwaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa! Oh wait, you were serious?)

LEXINGTON:  I want to wake up earlier so I have more time in the morning and I want to be more ladylike and burp less.  (That's my truck driver girl!)

CLAYTON:  I want to become smarter so school is easier and I want to be a better artist.  (What? You didn't say you want to poop more? Are you feeling okay, Clay?)

BROOKLYN:  I want to learn how to paint and I want to learn how to drive a car.  (Oh yeah, good idea. A 7-year-old driving. Let's just call that Plan B, okay?)

Not only are those resolutions great, but they made me remember some of the kids' past resolutions from years ago.

This is Savannah's resolution from kindergarten. "This year I will try to clean my bedroom and do my homework." She's always been the responsible one.

This is Jackson's resolution from preschool. "My New Year's resolution is to help my mom by doing dishes." I don't think he's washed a single dish in the 11 years since he wrote this.

Here's Brooklyn's resolution from preschool. Well, she gets along just fine with her sisters. She's halfway there.

Here's Clayton's preschool resolution. It says, "I want to have summer." You and 95% of the country, kid.

Here are Lexi's resolutions from first grade. I especially like the one that says, "I will try harder to remember to take my glasses off my face." I don't recall Lexi ever forgetting to take her glasses off. Forgetting to put them on, on the other hand . . .

These are Austin's resolutions from kindergarten. "This year I will try to roast marshmallows and read more." Oh yeah, roasting marshmallows - one of the more common resolutions for people everywhere.

And there you have it. So what are your kids' resolutions this year?


Vanessa T said...

I had to chuckle - Austin was thinking about cooking way back in kindergarten! He's made good on that one! :D

Praying for all good things for you in 2014, Dawn.

Shelley said...

Wait, Brooklyn is seven? When did this happen? Wasn't she two yesterday? Damn, it's been awhile since I went blog-reading, apparently.

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