Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I've Discovered the Secret to Getting my Kids to go to Bed!

I don't have cable TV so the kids and I watch a lot of Netflix. My oldest daughter will get hooked on some series and obsessively watch 5 seasons' worth of episodes in a week. My youngest kids get their fill of SpongeBob, or Good Luck Charlie, or whatever kid show they're into until they've watched every episode 497,000 times. Each. (Yes, I can pretty much quote every episode of Phineas and Ferb, word-for-word, and in fact, had the Ducky Momo song in my head for so long yesterday that I contemplated stabbing myself in the brain with a fork to make it stop. But I digress.



Linda N said...

The link is broken :-(

Sarah said...

So glad to see a post. Was worried about you!

Anonymous said...

Babble says page can't be found.

Handyman said...

two things 1) your link to babble is broken 2) I am in Florida with my wife and son. If you need any help fixing your your House or car email me back.

Kristin said...

The link to Babble isn't working!

Julie said...

You are both awesome and funny Dawn, but your link to Babble for the rest of the story doesn't work.

It probably shorted out due to your blinding awesomeness. :)

Anonymous said...

How can I view this post at When I click on the "Continue Reading Here" link, it takes me to a pregnancy subscription. Since I am in menopause, that really does not apply to me and I can't get to your link.

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