Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm THAT Mom

I hate to admit it. But, I suppose if I'm honest, I have to admit that I've always been that mom.

As I sat on the park bench enjoying the warm summer day while watching my son play, another mom waved to her child in the sandbox and took a seat next to me. After a moment, she leaned over and said, conspiratorially, "Johnny just loves the sandbox. He seems to have a real knack for building things. He'll probably be an architect or an engineer when he grows up." She gave a little self-satisfied smile and waved to her son again.

I peered at my son who was eating sand and gave a nervous little laugh.



Love is all you need said...

I think "that" mom is a fabulous one! Glad I found your blog!

Julie said...

I'm pretty sure I'm that Mom too, and I am very proud of it. My kids drive me nuts, but you know what?? If they didn't I would think that's weird. :) said...

Ok, that's funny. Enjoying your blog and your kids. :0

JO said...

I think we all have a bit of "that mom" in us - we just share the perfect "mom" persona - in the park - next to somebody we "think" we can be superior to. As for me? I share that "perfect persona" next to the mother of two dogs...cuz quite frankly, if they have kids - I lose the superior challenge with my to crazy kiddos. GREAT Post!

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