Monday, May 2, 2011

Chutes and Ladders

“Guys, get dressed for baseball and hockey!” I called to the kids as I walked through the house, picking up all the junk they leave lying around. You can’t really blame them for leaving wrappers and junk on the floor since we have no garbage cans in the house. And it’s no wonder they leave their dirty socks on the couch or under the kitchen table since we have no laundry baskets. Of course it makes perfect sense that they pile their dirty dishes all over the counter tops since the dishwasher is glued shut and can’t be opened. And since no one has a dresser or closet, it only stands to reason that they toss their clean, folded laundry on the floor.


1 comment:

Jill W said...

Hello! This is fire safety! Brilliant! I'm sitting here wondering if I can arrange to have one put in for our second story since my husband won't put in a deck with a door from the upstairs.
Oh, the ingenuity of kids. P.S. My kids will never see these pictures. The darlings don't need any ideas.

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