Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Camping (or Something Like That)

"You know what makes me sad about you and dad being divorced, Mom?"

I braced myself for the answer because there are just so many reason for my kids to be sad, especially since their father quit being a parent and pushed the kids out of his life when we got divorced.

"What's that, sweetie?" I asked.

"I miss camping," was the answer that was echoed by all the siblings. "Would you take us camping sometime, Mom?"

"I love you guys and would do anything I possibly could for you, but camping? Couldn't I do something else for you guys instead? Something like poking myself in the eye with a stick or throwing myself down the stairs?"



Brandy said...

LOL, my hubbs and I are taking my son camping this summer, I am hoping to have a good time ;)

LaLa said...

Question for you Dawn :) If you get paid per impression over at Babble does that me if I read it on one computer, then comment from another computer and then update the comments for yet another one each of those would count as a separate impression?? We have 5 computers here at home, and 4 at my office....lol

Lisa said...

Ha! What a great idea. That's definitely the way to camp.

You are hilarious. I am sorry you are going through such a hard time right now. I am so inspired that you are able to keep your head up and keep writing about the bright side of your life!

Anonymous said...

Now THAT is fantastic. I found you on Circle of Moms & now I think I love you.

I'm headed back to Chicago soon with the almost 4 & 6yo kids...any must-sees downtown at the moment?

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