Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Ultimate Diet

Have you guys seen this? I was unfortunate enough to catch this on TV this week.

It made my eyes bleed. It made me a little scared to eat. I think this may be the ultimate secret to weight loss.


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Keeley said...

Ack! I hate Yo Gabba Gabba.

But even worse is Hip Hop Harry .

clr said...

My older children have been forbidden to turn that show on. However, when my 13 y/o wants to annoy me, he starts singing...."There's a party..." I promptly send him to his room. Around here, the show is called, Yo Crappa Crappa.

Anonymous said...

Scary or not, this makes my almost 4yo scarf up some green beans and carrots!! They also like the "Try it, you might like it" song and this has made him try a TON of new foods that any other time he would've looked at me like I'd grown a second head!!

Embrace the Brobee... he is your friend!!!!

Towanda, Amazonian Jungle Temptress said...

Wow, was Gabba Gabba doing the robot? I have always thought he was so hot.

The Daileys said...

oh . my . god .

I taught preschool for 12 years and not once did any of the silly TV programming out there come close to the freakiness off that. Makes me glad my kids are not preschoolers anymore. I have to say I could have gone many more years without seeing that. ick.

LeBlanc said...

I am pretty sure that I will have nightmares for a week after watching this creepy green striped thing.

Susan said... sister is a vegetarian and has always said,"I will not eat anything that has or ever had a face." I can't wait to send it to her....snicker,snicker!!!

Melanie said...

New blog reader here. Yeah, the first time I saw this, it freaked me out and I banned it. However, when I saw that my three year old adored it (when he'd catch glimpses of it) and cheered for it every time it came on and it was the ONLY thing my 18 month old would sit through (and "gabba gabba" ended up being one of the ONLY things he started saying), I started watching it with them. It's really not too bad and they teach GREAT things!
And, funny thing, my husband works with a guy who's dating "Foofa" (the pink one). She's really nice and it's her brother that created the show. He's really not a freak! He put a lot of thought, research, and planning into this show. The target audiance is 18 months to about 5-ish and it's really been a big hit with kids that age.
Soooo, it's slowly but surely growing on me. And really, there are worse things. But I won't go into those. :)

Mags said...

That was hilarious!!

Do they show the next part of the party where the stomach acid "eats" the party guests alive? Lovely......!

:) Mags

Jessica said...

So I'm all prepped for my drive in to work this morning. I get in the car, settle in, and turn on the radio. What greets my ears? The Yo Gabba Gabba song. Scary! Of course I instantly thought of you. :)

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