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I Only Have to Cook Once a Week?!

OK, I'm taking a break from posting tonight. I was going to write, but my baby girl has been screaming her head for three hours straight and it's taken me that long to type out these two sentences because she's on my lap squirming and screaming. Instead I'm going to host a book tour, or is it called a blog tour? Hmmm, how about a blook tour? I'm hosting a blook tour because I already have this typed up and ready to go. I'm hosting a blook tour for a very sweet and funny girl, Trish Berg who has written a book on supper swapping, which, I think, is a really cool idea. The tour will run from the time I post it Sunday, the 16th until Friday, the 21st at midnight Eastern time.

Trish started emailing me during my Ebay auction. She thought I might be a bit overwhelmed (can't imagine what gave her that idea), so she jumped right in and offered up her wise advise and prayers. I can't thank her enough for helping me to navigate the waters. The reason Trish was so very knowledgeable and helpful to me is that she is a published author and national speaker who is working on another book due out in January 2008. She knows what she's talking about.

I'm hosting this tour for Trish, not only because she's an amazing person with a really kind, good heart, but because her book is awesome! I really didn't know what "supper swapping" was until I read her book, but what a terrific idea it is! I can't wait to get a group of friends together and give it a try. Hey, anything to shave off a few minutes in the kitchen and save a few dollars is worth a try if you ask me! Trish shares her expertise on supper swapping or co-op cooking, as it is also known, and includes examples from her own supper swapping experiences. She includes helpful hints to get you started, fellowship ideas, and (my favorite part) some of her tried and true recipes.

And (here's the really cool part!) anyone who leaves a comment on this posting will be entered into a drawing for a FREE copy of Trish's book The Great American Supper Swap! Trish will be giving away, not one, but TWO free books this week to the readers of my blog who leave a comment on this posting during the tour which will run from Sunday night, September 16 when I post it until Friday night, September 21 at midnight Eastern time. Also, feel free to write to Trish with any questions you might have about supper swapping. Here's a little interview with Trish...

The Great American Supper Swap
Solving the Busy Woman’s Family Dinnertime Dilemma
By Trish Berg

Many moms struggle with their endless to-do list, and dinner is just one more thing that usually doesn’t get done. Author and speaker Trish Berg has a great way to solve your dinnertime dilemma and shares all her secrets in her new book, The Great American Supper Swap.

Thanks for being here, today, Trish.

Thanks for having me.

I wanted to begin by asking you what IS supper swapping?

Supper swapping is really a simple solution to that ever present “What’s for dinner,” question that hits most moms at 4:30 every afternoon.

Its moms helping moms by sharing the cooking responsibility for their families by cooking in bulk then swapping meals during the workweek.

And how did you become a supper swap mom?

First of all, I’m a wife and mother of 4 kids all under 12, and so life at our house is pretty chaotic most days. I’m just like all the moms out there struggling with my daily to-do list, and dinner was just one more thing stressing me out.

So, four years ago when one of my girlfriends asked if I wanted to try swapping suppers with her and two other gals to simplify dinner, I gave it a try. I had no idea how much supper swapping would bless my life, or that God would lead me to write this book and help other families as well.

That sounds great. But how exactly does supper swapping work?

One great thing about supper swapping is that it can be adapted to meet the needs of the families in the group. No two supper swapping groups have to look alike.

Basically, women join with 1-4 other women to form a supper swapping group. Each mom chooses one weekday to do the cooking for everyone in the group. The rest of the week, dinner is delivered to their door, hot fresh, and ready to enjoy with their family.

You only have to cook ONE night a week and the other nights, you essentially get free meals catered to your door? Wow! With so many other dinner options out there, why do you think supper swapping is becoming a hot trend?

Basically because moms need help. Today families run at a fast pace unheard of 30 years ago. Usually, dinner is a fast food, on the go grab bag, or relegated to pizza, take out or frozen quick fix meals. These meals are unhealthy and expensive.

Studies have shown that women today still do most of the cooking. Just looking at the workweek, that’s 5 dinners a week, 260 dinners a year. Whew! No wonder we’re all tired of cooking and settling for grilled cheese, pizza or take out.

Supper swapping cuts a moms cooking by up to 80% since she only cooks one day a week.

For about 1-2 hours of meal preparation and 15-30 minutes or less of meal delivery one day a week, you get a week’s worth of hot, fresh, homemade dinners.

Eating dinner together as a family has got to be a better way than going through drive-thrus for fast food on the run. Speaking for myself, I know I could probably make an entire Happy Meal out of the food on the floor of my van.

Eating dinner together as a family opens communication, helps children to eat healthier, feel more connected to their parents, feel loved and cherished. These benefits have a lifelong impact on our children.

According to research from Columbia University, children who eat dinner with their family on a regular basis are 60% less likely to smoke cigarettes, 50% less likely to use drugs, and 66% less likely to drink alcohol.

If a mom wants to start supper swapping, where can she get more information?

There is a ton of how to information, delicious recipes, encouragement and support in my book The Great American Supper Swap, available at bookstores and online at and, or contact me via my website for a signed copy.

What do you hope families gain from supper swapping?

Supper swapping can save families $4000 a year or more, reduces a moms cooking by 80%, adds deeper faith and friendships, and helps families eat healthier food.

BUT MOST OF ALL – I want families to gather back around their dinner table each and every day. That is my passion. A return to the family meal.

Though I’m an avid supper swap mom, each family must find what works for them and re-claim their family dinner however they can. Supper swapping is just one simple tool to help moms make that happen.

But if you’re stuck in a rut singing the dinnertime blues, ask a couple girlfriends to give supper swapping a try.
When it comes to dinner - DON’T GIVE UP. DON’T GIVE IN. JUST GET SWAPPING!

The family meal has a lifelong impact on our kids!
For more information on The Great American Supper Swap or Trish Berg, go to

Remember, when you leave a comment, be sure to include your name and email address so we can notify the winners!


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Lucinda Naia said...

Even though I'm single, I would totally love to participate in this idea. Anyone from North Phoenix? Want to join me? Seriously, click on my profile name and let me know.

All moments remembered said...

Please enter me!! :)


The Montee's said...

thanx for the great idea!! Love the blog!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I'm thinking of adapting it a bit and having a cooking day at one person's house, then swapping freezer meals before we all go home That would make it a bit more social for those of us that don't get out much! lol

Laura; Mom to 3 girls!

Andie said...

I love reading all about your insane family! Also this supper swap sounds cool. I've wanted to do something like it, I'll just have to find some friends to do it! :) Thank you!

Heidi Renee said...


enter me too!

heiditurner AT

Suzy Glad said...

I have just been invited to join a supper swap group so this post is very timely for me. I am very interested in recipes that freeze well but are still good. I think it will be fun and hopefully a great time saver.

Lorene said...

Love your are so relatable. Thanks for sharing that piece of your life with us.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like such a great idea. My baby is almost 5 months and since being back to work it's hard to have the time/energy to cook every night and spend time with the baby. Though my husband does try and help by cooking a couple of nights a week, a person can only take so much Hamburger Helper.

Janna McConnaughhay

melissa said...

Love reading your blog! Checking in for the first time. Please enter me in the drawing. And keep up the great work. Your blog helps get me through the tough mommy days. (And the good ones, too.)


melissa said...

Love reading your blog! I am checking in for the first time, although I have been a long time anonymous reader. Please enter me in the drawing. And keep up the great work. Your blog helps me get through the tough mommy days. (And the good ones as well). Thanks, Dawn!

Melissa from AZ

Wendy said...

This sounds like such a cool idea. I plan to ask my girlfriends and co-workers if they are interested.

nicci said...

Love reading blog Dawn! I've been flirting with the idea of blogging for years, and just never dove in to do it. After reading yours religiously after hearing you on the radio on my way to work here in Tampa, I was inspired, and started my own. I'm working on the every day thing still, but it's fun & I think a good outlet for me.

Liking the supper swap idea - would love to win a book! I'm trying to figure out who I know that would do it... ;)


nicci said...

Oops. Didn't leave my email address either...

Janet said...

I've been enjoying your blog ever since a MOPS mom sent it to our group. Very funny stuff. The supper swap sound interesting!
Janet Douglass, VA

Julie said...

This is such an amazing idea. I have a tight knit group of 4 friends. We may try this. Thanks.

The Valiant Family Updates said...

Thanks, Renay V

PS I can't believe you can make it thru all these took me 3 minutes just to scroll thru them and in that time the baby hit his head and the 3 yr old asked fo rhis lunch 15 times (and I still haven't responded to his pleas). You make my 0 comments blog look pathetic (I guess it is a little as it's about my life-just kidding;-)

Teri Le said...

I have some friends who do this, and it sounds great!!! What a fabulous concept.

bentanelle said...

Great Idea! Maybe we will try it and see if it helps minimize our stress!
Tanelle Smith

tp said...

Posted before, but didn't include my email.

Meredith said...

I have 4 kids... more than any of my friends... they all have 1 or 2. If we do a supper co-op, won't they all getting the short end having to cook twice as much for my family?

Jana said...

Every time I read your blog, I find something I can totally relate to, and it's very comforting to know that it doesn't matter where you live, people experience the same goods and bads of raising kids! I would love to win that book, it sounds like a great idea.

Tammy said...

Thanks for the wonderful blog and the many laughs you have provide me and my daughter. She is 10 y/o and loves to come to your blog everyday.

Trish, thank you for the idea of supper swapping.


omystarling said...

I bought your book yesterday. My friends and I are so excited. We already have a menu planned out and we are ready to begin October 1st.
We are doing a one-month trial. I hope it works out. I will let you know.

PS: If anyone is looking for the book at Books-A-Million it is int he Christian living section.

The Mommy said...

wow what a great idea. I have a big family and i think it would be great for my sisters in law and i to swap. I can't wait to read more. It would be perfect with my 3 girls under 5.


Dawn said...

I love reading your blog and feeling better about my boys! (o: Supper swap sounds too good to be true!

Anonymous said...

How do you know who the winners of the contest are? I guess you'll post something? (LOL motherhood is getting to my brain too)


Sherry said...

How do you deal with picky eaters? And it is not just the kids. My husband is not picky about ingredients, but he is picky about the quality and health of the meal.

Please enter me for the book giveaway.

Nicky S. said...

i forgot to add my email address as it is..

Jennifer said...

Let's see...I will be post you think we'll make it to 900 before midnight? :)

Anyway, thanks for sharing your humorous life stories so that the rest of us mommies can laugh at ourselves more easily! Motherhood is truly one of the world's noblest professions, but it's challenging, to say the least! Best wishes as you continue to raise your six beautiful treasures.

And dinner swapping, since that's the topic at hand... :) I know some gals who do it. I haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, but it is a great idea. Perhaps I'll have to read this book! Thanks for providing the "book tour."

Chris said...

An inspiration! I'm off to check out Trish's website. And if I don't win a book, I'll buy one. :-)

blueleash [at] hotmail . com

candeloop said...

I LOVE your blog!! Reading it has become part of my evening routine. And it's the part of the routine I haven't skipped a single day since I started reading it (as opposed to washing the dishes and picking up all the crumbs around the dinner table... ;o) Can't wait for your book to be published!

Supper Swap sounds grand. Please enter me in the book giveaway.


Anonymous said...

whoa cool. i'd love a chance to win that book!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for sharing your super funny stories!! The supper swap sounds great, I had heard about the idea a few years ago and always thought it would be great to try! I would love to win a copy of Trish's book! Sign me up!
Ann Marie

Erin's Mom said...

OMG what a great concept. I love cook but don't want to do it every night.

Becci said...

What an absolutely brilliant idea!


Anonymous said...

Trish and Dawn,

I really think this is a neat idea but in my house there are 9 of us and I think that someone would be getting the shortend of the stick cooking for us!!!lol But when we move out of our inlaws house then I think I will give it a try with some church members. Our church would really like this idea. I would like to have the book to share it with church and help some of the elderly families with a supper swap idea!! thanks for all the fun comments!!

April Salmons

Amber said...

Sounds like a great idea. My husband would be happy to have a home cooked meal once a week. He'd be spoiled if I could actually get this going. :)
Thanks for the idea.

Kristy said...

I've heard of this before but would love to read in Trish's book how to put it into practice. With four kids under 8 and husband deployed for six months at a time, I need all the help I can get! I'll be picking up Trish's book ASAP! :)

Shannon said...

A few girlfriends and I have decided to try this. We can't wait to get started! THe worse part of cooking for everone is deciding what to coook, and then doing the dished after. This takes care of both those problems!

Katie K said...

Hi, I enjoy reading your blog. I would like to be entered for the book drawing.

Rich Melin said...

I showed this post to my wife and she said she has wanted to do something like this for a long time. And I was informed that this book would make a great birthday present for her, well it's a little too late to get it here on time (Monday is her birthday) But maybe she could win one? If it helps our case any my wife was just diagnosed with Graves disease you can read about it on her blog at She has been blogging since the dawn of man and has crazy children as well. Thanks

Rich Melin

nicolebspa said...

I have heard of these books before- but they had to do with freezer cooking. How many people do you need to have do this?? I don't know that many of my friends would be into it, but worth a shot!
Nicole B

Christie said...

I am already a supper swapper, but would LOVE to read more about it. We are newbies at it...started in July. It's so nice to not have to cook so much and also get new food. My family was sick of the same stuff I make all the time.

CACKEL said...

Sign me up for the drawing! My friends and I just did this with freezer meals (all make a huge batch of something to freeze and then swap), but we had never thought of doing a fresh dinner swap. Sounds like a great idea.

Jennifer said...

HI! I want to be included!!

Jennifer Bowman

The Zickgraf Family Circus said...

Alright, now I HAVE to comment! I know how overwhelmed you have been and I knew I couldn't add anything terribly original to what others have said, so I let them do the talking. However, now that a free book is on the line? I'm so in.
Meanwhile, let me add my adulation to the others that have already posted. You had me rolling with that auction and I've been following your blog ever since (like most everyone here!). Thanks for some great laughs! The truth is always the funniest.

The Zickgraf Family Circus said...

Oh and my email address is Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a great idea!!!

emichel said...

I have used a great business called "What's for Dinner, Studio Kitchen" in Round Rock TX where all the prep work is done and you go in and assemble 12 dinners in an hour or two to take home and freeze and then pull out this gourmet food at least 3 nights a week for a month.

But, having hot food delivered would be wonderful as well. Can't wait to read the book.

Jessica said...

I have beena avid reader of your blog since I got an email with a link to your ebay posting. I'm a huge fan! I'm a single mom of a 2 year old boy, and I work full time. Reading your blog is what I do each evening when I'm winding down after I get my little man to bed. I would love a copy of the Great American Supper Swap. My sister and I get our female cousins together (with children *GASP*) every Thursday and we're always looking for ways to help eachother out. This is a great idea!! Thanks! Jessica W.

Anonymous said...

My mom and her sisters did this about 10 years ago. It started out great but it didn't take long to find 2 flaws. The first is that on the day you do cook you spend ALL day cooking. Typically you don't have enough pots and pans to cook for taht many extra people so you have to do it in shifts. Plus women tend to want to impress each other so the meals became gourmet. The other is that you have alot more food allergys and likes and dislikes to worry about, this cuts out alot of your recipies.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I have to ask. What is MOPS? And what kind of a conference do they have? It sounds like something my wife missed out on somehow!

I'd be really interested to know, Trish, what comments and questions the crowd had regarding your book and the supper swapping. Would you mind sharing the ones you remember?

Would love the book!


Sandra said...

This is a great idea!! I need to recruit some friends....


Anonymous said...

My first comment didn't come thru, and I REALLY want to win that book! Diane

Marci said...

I would have to say this is a great idea. However, I doubt my friends would do it with me...they've had my cooking. Now if I could find a way to swap without having to subject them to my cooking it would be perfect! I love your blog, it makes me smile during and after a very long day of working and even longer night of trying to manage my time between the work I didn't get done during the day and my 2 very active little girls.

Fiona said...

Wow at all the scrolling, LOL
I'm not a mom yet... in fact it's just lonely (not so) little pregnant me living here... but I still think the swap sounds awesome. I have issues with cooking. It doesn't matter what I make, I end up with leftovers. In fact, I have a tendency to make soups that will feed four people for 3-4 days.
So yeah, sign me up for the book drawing...

skittlesinsocks at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

This sounds like fun. I just hope I can convince my friends to try it out with me!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea! My husband used to do the cooking before we had kids, and we have since started sharing the responsibility. I would love to try this to free up some of our time, I'm just not sure I'm a creative or good enough cook!

Addriane Allison

Mini Blessings said...

My mom would love to have someone else cook for her!

Anonymous said...

Ooh ooh ooh!!! Sign me up!!! I want, I want, I want... gimme, gimme, gimme!!! LOL I can not even begin to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I was one of the many who was referred to your Pokemon cards on Ebay. After reading it, I had to find your blog and sign up. You are hysterical! Your blog has become such a blessing in my life as well. May God bless you for being such a great mom to so many precious little ones. Dorothy

steveh said...

Would love to give this a try!! Sounds like a great time saver.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to be the last one to post, but I may have missed it. It is only 11:00pm Central here, but I think you said by Midnight Eastern? Oh well, worth a shot. I am a silent lurker, but had to say something.

First of all, there are a lot of us guys out here reading along, because some of us can really relate. My wife and I take turns cooking, but we always have trouble figuring out what to have.

I have 5 kiddos spread out from 26 years old down to 3 years old. In fact, I have 7 grandchildren that are 6 and under that get to play with my youngest, and they act more like cousins to her than nieces and nephews.

I have lived through lots of holes in the walls, not just from the young ones, but from the teenagers too. In fact, after one of my daughters was 17 and had just kicked a hole in her bedroom door, we talked for a while and got her calmed down, she then says to me “Dad, don’t replace the door just yet, I still have some more growing to do”. We both laughed so hard after that, we cried ourselves silly. (That was 5 years ago and the door still has the hole in it.)

Love your Blog, and love your sense of humor. Keep it up for the rest of us!

Jen ~ Mom of 4 ~ said...

I know it is past the deadline for the book give away drawing but I had to at least say I came across you on ebay with the pokemon cards and then came here after I started thinking tonight I was bored....was not tired..the kids had gone to bed...I will go find that mom's blog. So I googled you as the mom who sold kids pokemon cards on ebay and sure enough found your blog. I cannot wait to go back and start reading all your blogs. I am a mom of 4 kids, and I know i will bust a gut laughing or crying with your journey :o) I cant wait to read other more "real mom" adventures. I'll leave my email address just in case I can sneak into the drawing :O)

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea!! I have 3 kids and work various hours while my husband works during the day and we are both usually wore out at the end between sports, scouts and everything in between. Kudos to all the parents out there. Lori Campbell.

sisu (Andrea) said...

I am a ditz. I didn't leave my email addy.
Having a family of 7 to cook for is tough sometimes. But I LOVE to cook. Meal swapping sounds great! Now if I could get past the picky eaters, it'd be better. And on those days that I go to work before dinner would be great too.

Titaniummom said...

Great idea. I had heard about this but was unsure where to start! This gives me a good idea. Thanks so much!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great idea! I like the fact that it's about as convenient as fast food but healthier, and probably less expensive.


Jason said...

Thanks for the great info. I hope we try this in my home.

Denise :o) said...

Great idea!! Just wanted to help get those numbers up for another book!!

Kat said...

this is an awesome idea!


i just want to say that i absolutly love your blog!!! i look forward to your posts everyday! it makes my day!

(Dawn) im looking forward to your book!!! please dont leave us in suspence too long!!


stephanie said...


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