Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Preparing To Vacuum

I saw this on Facebook recently.

I glanced across the room to where my vacuum sat immobile. 
I had actually gotten my vacuum cleaner out a couple days prior, but it was still sitting there untouched in my family room, an avant garde decoration adorning my living space. When I first grabbed the vacuum, my kids were sleeping because, as I mentioned before, they're now nocturnal animals. I parked the vacuum intending to wait until the kids woke up before doing my chore. That was almost a week ago. Ahem.

So today I finally turned on the vacuum cleaner. I pushed it across the carpet a couple times, but it didn't seem to be picking up anything. I turned it off and set it down so I could see the roller.

Well, that would be why it isn't picking up anything. I shed more than a Siberian Husky. I truly don't know how I'm not bald. So every couple months I need to cut out all the hair that gets wrapped around this roller.

THIS is what it's SUPPOSED to look like.

This is the small wig I pulled from the roller.

And THIS is what happens when you want to start blogging again, but half your kids are grown and out of the house and the couple that are left, sleep all day so they don't provide you with nearly the amount of fodder they used to. And there's a pandemic so you don't go anywhere or do anything. And so you blog about hairy vacuums. That's where we're at. Thank you, Corona.


Ernie said...

That picture- it looks like your vacuum is going out on the town and decided to put rollers in her hair. How are you not bald? I would be. That pile of hair is how much hair I have on my entire head. I work my way up to clean toilets. Try to create perfect conditions. Get organized. Get psyched. Clean other things first. In the end I just get irritated that I didn't just dive in and get it done.

Gigi said...

I probably should check the rollers on my vacuum....thanks for the reminder.

It is ridiculous the amount of hair I shed. After I shower, when I clean the drain stopper thing it looks like I've pulled out a damp rodent. I'm an absolute delight to live with.

Kazza the Blank One said...

omfg I have the same problem with our vacuum cleaner! When we bought it I told the husband I didn't want to get one with a rolly brush because it would just get tangled with hair. He promised he'd clean it out. Well he does, but it does take a little encouragement ;)

Welcome back to the blogosphere by the way :)

Cindy said...

I loved this! I have 3 daughters, I can't tell you how many times I've sat on the floor cutting hair out of the roller. And... my vacuum sat in my living room for 3 days last week until I finally used it!

Work. Grocery store. Home. Good 'ol corona!

Vanessence7 said...

My hair is 3' long, and my daughter's used to be, also. I hate upright vacuums! More accurately, they fear me because they know I will kill them in short order, lol. I stick with canister vacuums now because I so hate cleaning that roller bar.

But - thank you for posting this! I thought it was just me who struggled so much with vacuum issues. <3

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