Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Orlando Watersports Complex - Central Florida's Hidden Gem

My family was invited to check out Orlando Watersports Complex. Every time I drive to the airport, I catch glimpses of this place that's situated off 528 in Orlando, but I really didn't know what it was. I could see people on the water and it looked like they were skiing, but I rarely saw boats which led me to the only logical conclusion - the boats were invisible. Or the people had magical powers. As it turns out, they were wakeboarding using a pretty cool cable system.

My kids and I had never been wakeboarding before so we were eager to give it a try. Actually, my kids were very eager. I was a little more scared silly umm, apprehensive what with me being nearly 50, very out of shape, and possessing no discernible athletic ability whatsoever.

My kids had varying degrees of success. Lexi took off and made it halfway around the lake on her first try. Brooklyn face-planted about .8 of a second after taking off. An hour later, however, everyone was doing well. And me? Well, I opted to knee board instead, believing that I'd have an easier time balancing on my knees than attempting to stand on a board. In the water. While it was moving. And I had a blast!

OWC has been here in central Florida since 1999 and not only do they have wakeboarding on their standard cables, but they also offer classes, paddleboarding, advanced cables with jumps, summer camps, and their new Aquapark which just opened earlier this year. The Aquapark features a modular series of interlocking obstacles, a climbing tower, monkey bars, slides, pathways, and more. When we checked in at the Aquapark, there was a birthday party going on, and I thought what a fun place to have a birthday party! I looked up the prices for parties and found affordable options like $15 per kid for a session (50 minutes) for 10-24 participants.

OWC has all sorts of great specials including Ladies Day on Thursdays when ladies 18+ get a FREE 2 hour cable pass, Wednesday Happy Hours where you can take advantage of half-price riding from 4PM to close, and Kids' Day on Mondays where kids 16 and under can ride all day for discounted admission.
If you have your own equipment, bring it! If not, never fear, OWC provides life vests, helmets, and boards to rent. Feel free to pack a lunch and stay all day, or grab a bite at their snack bar when you need to take a break from riding.

My talking about this hidden gem here in central Florida doesn't do it justice so I put together this short 3 minute video from our time at OWC. Check it out. And see proof that I actually did it! And let me tell ya, I discovered something about myself that day. I have the upper body strength of a hamster. Oh my arms! They're still sore today! LOL! But I would totally do it again! It's a pretty cool feeling flying across the surface of the water like that.

If you live in central Florida or if you're planning on visiting, this is a must-see attraction! Take a break from all the theme parks and have a fun relaxing day at Orlando Watersports Complex. And to that end, I have an awesome giveaway courtesy of the folks at OWC. I will be choosing 3 random winners!

The 1st winner will receive 2 Aquapark tickets good for 1 free session each

The 2nd winner will receive 2 all-day cable passes including basic gear rental

The 3rd winner will receive 3 all-day cable passes including basic gear rental

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Lisa Somerville said...

This looks like it would be a great for my 2 boys. I was looking for something besides the parks to do on our next vacation to FL, this will be on the list for sure!

Stacy said...

I’m glad to know someone that has actually been there. I think my son & boyfriend’s sons would really enjoy this place.

David Rios said...

Yessss. Looks like fun!

Vanessa said...

I’ve seen this so many times driving by and had no idea! Looks like a lot of fun, definitely something different to try!

Valerie said...

I drive past OWC everyday on my way to work and always think that this place looks like soooo much fun! My kids & I most definitely want to try it out!

Amanda Brown said...

Wow ! interesting as long as I have lived here I have passed by this complex so many times on the way to cocoa beach on to the air port. I have even seen several events here with tents and trucks and tons of people on the water. I never realized the public could
go I assumed it was more for contests and classes never really gave it much thought. Definitely seems like the kiddos would enjoy it, I would love to try this place out. Nice to know there are still some
Hidden fun things to do in the area that we haven’t not experienced yet. Thanks for sharing your experience. Love the video by the way.

Melissa Hunting said...

What a fun place!

Pam Zercher said...

This sounds like a blast!

(And you are a hoot, Dawn!) 😂

Martha Miller Kasper said...

Looks like a great place for my daughter and her friends! It would be a nice surprise gift for something outside if Disney for them to do!

Unknown said...

It looks like a great time.

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