Saturday, February 15, 2014

If I Were One-Hundred Years Old

Brooklyn recently wrote this at school. The title is If I Were One-Hundred Years Old . . . In case you can't quite read it, it says:

If I were one-hundred years old, I would have wrinkles. I would be in a wheelchair. I would have short hair. I wouldn't have much money. I would shrug and be slow. I would live by myself. I wouldn't go to much places. I wouldn't like to go places. I would try to go to the store and get food. I would have a dog and a cat. I wouldn't have a love. I wouldn't see my grandkids at all. I would have grandkids.

Brooklyn looked at me expectantly as I read her paper. When I finished, I laughed a little and asked her, "You'll have grandkids, but you'll never see them? You won't have a love and you won't go anywhere? That seems kinda sad, don't you think?"

Brooklyn blinked, raised her eyes and spoke very slowly, as if I was a learning-impaired monkey. "Mo-om. I'm ONE-HUNDRED years old! Maybe I would visit my grandkids when I'm EIGHTY, but when I'm ONE-HUNDRED, I'm going to be TIRED." 

I couldn't help but laugh, both because of her reasoning, and because of her expression as she explained to me what I clearly couldn't grasp on my own. "Don't you think you'd want to see your grandkids even if you're one-hundred years old?" I asked.

"Nah, grandkids are too loud. Well, maybe my grandkids could come visit me. For a little bit. But then they'll have to leave because they'll tire me out."

"I guess that's a good plan, Brooklyn."

P.S. Hey Mom & Dad, you might want to come visit your grandkids soon. 


Sennie said...

Too cute:)

My husband's grandmother is 97 years old, so her grandson is 45, and yup - it's pretty loud when he visits :-D

PamGram said...

Grandkids are loud because "you'" They have to yell because your hearing is not-so-good. LOL So cute and well thought out.

Sarah said...

That is great! Love her sense of humor and her reasoning. :)

kntsmom said...

Love it, kids say the darnedest things!!So cute!!

Anonymous said...

love it! I love hearing their reasoning for things. :)

Carlene Taylor said...

That is too funny! Just came across this blog and I already love it so much!! You're kids seem great and so full of life I can't wait til mine are energetic and full of fun like this! Hey also check out my blog!

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