Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Day at the Museum

My kids and I went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago this week. This is one of our favorite museums because it’s FILLED with hands-on exhibits. My kids never say, “I’m bored. Can we leave yet?” when we’re there. Usually, it’s more like, “Just five more minutes, Mom? This is fun!” You could spend an entire day at the Museum of Science and Industry and not cover everything (although the museum isn’t so huge that you’d walk away feeling like you’d hardly made a dent).

You can see pictures from our day at the museum here!


The Mommy said...

I just got my pdf for the Brain Games. I'm a complete and total science nerd (so is my husband - we are/were both chemists) so we are PUMPED! WOOT! Thanks for the link!

heyteach said...

My dad worked at MSI until I was 15. We got to go on field trips there all the time and when he was working we got to see the "behind the scenes". Went back a couple years ago with my kids and found I can still spend forever at Colleen Moore's dollhouse (much to the dismay of my sons)

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