Monday, July 20, 2009

Nearly Sunday Sound Out

I probably should have stayed up late last night to do my Sunday Sound Out, because I've been interrupted 5, 692 times today!
Mom, I'm bored.
Can I have chocolate milk?
Can I ride my bike down the street?
I'm bored, Mom.
When can we leave for the birthday party?
Austin's bugging me.
Do I HAVE to clean my room?
I'm bored.
Can I have some crackers?
When are we going to leave?
Can we go bowling?
I'm bored.
Will you make me a peanut butter sandwich?
When are we going to go to the store?
What are we doing tomorrow?
Can we go to the pool?
Can I call Allyson?
I'm bored.
When are we going to leave?
Mom, can you wipe my butt?
Mom, can I have candy?
I'm bored.

And that was just in the first 30 minutes. Ugh.
Here, at long last, are the answer's to your questions...

How many bedrooms does your house have? And who shares bedrooms? Woud you share a picture of your house? Or the inside of th kitchen and living room. I love your blog and book btw!
Our house has 4 bedrooms. Austin has the smallest room to himself. Clay and Jackson share a room, and Lexi and Savannah share a room. Brooklyn still sleeps in our bedroom. I'm looking into redecorating the girls' room and moving Brooklyn in there this summer. As far as pictures go... Ummm, yeah, sure, let me just kick some of these toys out of the way. And vacuum. And dust. And, oh, for the love of God, what IS that under the couch?!!! Ummm, my ummm, my camera's broken. Yeah, that's it. It's broken. Sorry.

Lets talk dinner: How often do you cook dinner at home?
We eat dinner together almost every night. I usually do the cooking, but sometimes Joe does. I've been really lazy as of late, and have been making stuff like pasta and pancakes and hotdogs. What can I say? It's summer.

Do you have any picky eaters?
Define picky. Would you call it picky if all Brooklyn someone will eat is macaroni & cheese, ketchup, and chocolate milk?

Do you have any recipes you would like to share that the whole family enjoys?
I dunno. I'm no gourmet cook. I just make the usual kinda stuff, tacos, lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, BBQ pork sandwiches, baked chicken, etc. We're not too fancy around here.

Two things: 1) I know it's been a while, but has Savannah hung out with that girl since the big clothing drama? 2) Have you ever thought about submitting some of your cakes to I bet they would qualify for the weekly Sweets spot....
Savannah hasn't seen that girl since the clothing drama.
My cakes wouldn't qualify for the Sweet Spot, but maybe they'd qualify for a wreck.

I'm just curious....Do you still keep up with Julian's Mom (I can't remember her name)? How is she doing dealing with the loss of her sweet kid?
I do still talk to Mimi now and then. In fact, we spoke just last week. I think she takes it one day at a time. It still feels like her heart was ripped out, but every day she gets out of bed and does what she can to make it through the day.

EWWWW! to the dead fish on a stick. Where did he find THAT at a baseball game?
The kid can find something gross pretty much anywhere we go. It's like there's a homing device...

Compare that hot dog to the sandwich that was there for two days and unrecognizable because it was real food....
I know! I was thinking the same thing! It's amazing what buttloads of preservatives can do to food. Makes you kinda wonder what they do to us.

O.K. Speaking of funny photos, would you please direct me to the one of the soap - with teeth marks?
You can see that picture
HERE. And this is that same bar of soap a couple days later -
And while I was searching for the soap pictures, I ran across this one...

The J. Peterman Underwear Hat
Some people simply have style. Perfect for swinging at the park, running in the backyard on a warm summer day, or wreaking havoc at the local grocery store. Red elastic waistband doesn't bind. Holes for air circulation. Soft cotton fabric for stylish comfort. Boys sizes 2T - 4T.
(not really a J. Peterman hat.)

LOL! Because I'm bored. Dawn, aren't you entertaining him? It's summer for goodness sakes!
The kids have been coming to me, bored, every day lately. Every time they tell me they're bored, I put on my cruise director hat and inform them of the activities I have planned. Things like, cleaning the bathroom, folding the laundry, dusting the shelves. For some reason, they don't find my planned activities fun.

My husband and I will be in Chicago for about 3-4 days around the U2 concert, and are wondering what are some of the "absolutely, have to see" sights? If you could let me know, either in your next Sunday sound out, or by email, that would be great.
For real? I have no idea what's in the city. I just saw Millennium Park for the first time last week. And I got lost while doing it. I am really the last person you want as a tour guide, I assure you.

It really was a regatta gala!! how funny!
I love anyone who gets a Friends reference! :D

Sears Tower name has been changed - check out today's Chicago Tribune:
"Sears Tower name change: Building today officially becomes Willis Tower"
Whatever. It's still the Sears Tower. Comisky is still Comisky and the Rosemont is still the Rosemont, no matter what they decide to call them.

Dawn, Dawn, Dawn... how can you get lost from Millennium Park to the train station - either one of them?! Granted, Union Station is slightly more of a straight shot than Ogilvie, but still, hon... *shakes head* Love you, though!
I got lost dropping off a Girl Scout cookie order form 3 blocks from my house once. Understand? And in my defense, I didn't start walking toward the train station. I just started wandering around the city, thinking that I'd just grab a cab when I got bored walking and he'd take me to the train station. When I realized that cabs weren't just lined up and down every street and I'd actually have to step out and flag one down, I decided I'd rather walk the whole way. By then, it was no longer a straight shot to the station. Sooo, I put "train station" in my phone and got directions. I started walking. Eventually, I hit Union Station. I knew that Ogilvie was just a couple blocks away, but I wasn't sure which way. Somewhere along the way, I'd accidentally deleted the map app from my phone. I have no idea....
Anyway, I couldn't seem to pull up a map and find out which way Ogilvie was. I gave up on making the train and resigned myself to making the next train, so I stopped in a Dunkin' Donuts to get an iced coconut coffee mmmm, and get directions. I got the coffee and the guy behind the counter laughed at me and said something about silly suburbanites. He directed me to go in the opposite direction from what I thought it was. And you know what? I actually made that train that I thought I was going to miss. And with 27 seconds to spare!

Did you ever, in the early days, struggle with the SAHM/working dad division of labor?
No, we really didn't. We fell into our roles easily in the early days. Joe worked, I stayed home, and it was all fine. As time went on, he worked more and more (he put in 80 hours in a typical week) and I did everything at home. He came home to sleep and that was pretty much it. It was hard on both of us because neither of us ever got a break. However, we were both ok with our roles. We did what we had to do.
However, now things have shifted a bit and Joe works a 40 hour week and I try to work from home. We're struggling with the division of housework and childcare now. I think Joe has a hard time seeing what I do as work, since I don't leave the house. He's willing to pick up the slack as far as housework goes, but it usually comes with a little guilt trip that I'm not able to do everything anymore. He doesn't make me feel guilty on purpose or anything. And I think I haven't been patient with him as he's struggling to figure out his role now. It's just an adjustment and we're still both trying to work things out so we're both involved and no one feels taken for granted or unfairly overloaded.


7Peas said...

Good for you to not have had issues regarding division of labor. I had to learn the when, where, why and how to ask my husband. If I waited till I was in a total panic in need of rescue I usually got no help and a healthy fight. I learned to budget my time and only do what I can. Then I peacefully ask my sweety to give a hand and usually he will. I hated it that he wouldn't help on demand but after I changed my ways I am so thankful that he didn't. I now only do what I can and we are all happier for it.

See my blog:

Mother to 5 under 8 and the last two are twins.

Suburban Correspondent said...

You might do better to do your normal stuff during the day and leave in the evening to work at some other place (with WIFI). I'm finding that, since I picked up my editing job, this arrangement works best for us. Without being able to physically get out to work, no one appreciates that I am trying to get something done that I get paid for! Also, my husband is more likely to pick up the slack in the evening if I am not there.

This arrangement proved particularly useful last Friday when our teen daughter thought it was a good idea to run away. I was at Panera's, typing away and blissfully unaware of any problems. By the time I bothered to check my cellphone, the problem had been somewhat solved. If I had been working from home that evening, I wouldn't have gotten anything done.

She's back, by the way. An hour into her plan she realized that she really didn't have a plan, and she called a friend to come get her. Whew!

queenmommy911 said...

Chicago touristy stuff: Buckingham Fountain at night (it's free!), Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo (also free!), Navy Pier (watch out for serious cash drain here!), the Children's Museum, Chinatown (it's free until you find you must have some of the food/clothes/toys LOL!)

It seems most Chicago residents are kind of oblivious to the stuff to see and do, but any tourism book from the library will give you *tons* of options. That's how we got to know more about the city than my SIL who lives there when we went to visit her. Hehehe!

Heather said...

Thanks to your blog I found Mimi and Julian'a CarePage. And from there (or mayabe again from your blog) found Peggy and Coleman Larson's ( care page. I pray for them and love reading their updates, and clicking through to other Care Pages to leave a message of support.

Tamara said...

Thanks queenmommy911.

I have been doing some looking online for suggestions, but there is soooo much to do that it is hard to choose what is "the best" to spend our time at.

marybee said...

how did my kids get in touch with you with their questions?? LOL!! i hear most of those on an hourly basis!!

Jacci O. said...

OMG, Dawn, you are going to be in my neck of the woods in August for the General Mills eat and greet event. It also happens to be during the Great MN Get together (The MN State Fair).

Anonymous said...

maybe i'm nuts but i have been doing the whole SAHM thing for the past oh 8 months my husband really wantsme to stay home and i'm going absolutely insane (i have worked since the day I turned 16) I dont know what i'm supposed to do especially when the house is clean and laundry is done I feel like i'm useless dont get me wrong I know some ppl love to stay home with their kids and that's great i just feel like I should be working i have nothing to do to keep me busy keep inmind i only have 2 kidsso the house pretty much stays picked up so i basically have nothing to do until about an hour after my husband gets off of work so i make dinner and voila i'm done for the day

Jessica said...

If you're going to Chicago, I recommend you skip the Sear's Tower/Willis Tower and instead go to the John Hancock Center.

Take the elevator up to the restaurant/lounge and go to the lounge level. You will be higher than the observatory level, and the elevator ride will be free!

You are required to buy something - whether it be an appetizer or drink is up to you. However you will be able to take in the views while sitting and enjoying something. And it's cheaper than paying for the elevator, or dealing with the hassle/cost of the Willis Tower.

As an added bonus, the vista from the women's bathroom is outstanding!

jennie said...

I also was stuck in the working SAHM thing while the BF had a part time nite job. I had strict hours and trust me- we fell into that same trap. He was not 'used' to doing the 'mommy' stuff and I was exhausted by the time I left my computer room. It irked me to work a 50 hour week while he worked a 15-20 one and I was still looked at to be supermom and take care of pretty much everything. Somehow we survived it for a year and thankfully (and not) I got laid off in February. I have no suggestions, it was a struggle. I like the one a few up that said to leave the house to work sometimes. I wish I had that choice while I was doing my job. Hang in there- let the kinks work themselves out or just let them stay kinks- either way you're doing what you can!

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