Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stupid Jerks

This is one of handful of comments I've received this week. I generally just delete these, but I'm in a bad mood today and I'm sick of the idiots who have nothing better to do with their lives than to tell me what to do with mine...

Honestly, I cannot understand you allow this from your kids. As I understand they never get *really* punished for this kind oh horrible behavior???
I come from a family of 4 children and myself I have 3 children. Of course they are sometimes agitated bu when in public, the slightest attempt at misbehaving is *immediately* stopped.
You might want to think about the future character of these children. Obviously they have no limits and they know that they won't be punished, so hey, let's continue.
I've been reading your blog for weeks and obviously you are a smart person, so I am just amazed at this educative laziness. Seems that your children own you, and they know it.
Publish Reject (Anonymous) 4:01 AM

Well "anonymous",
First off, have the balls to use your actual name, you judgmental idiot. "As I understand they never get *really* punished..."
"As you understand"? "As you understand"? Clearly, you don't understand much of anything. You only know what I choose to share on my blog. Period. To take that minute amount of information and draw the conclusion that I never punish my kids, is completely ignorant.
Calling me lazy is the most absurd insult I've ever received. Come spend a day in my shoes and see how "lazy" you feel.
I should be concerned about the future character of my children? Well, I'll tell you right now, THEY wouldn't ever write a nasty comment to a stranger for no reason other than to be mean.
@@ I just have to roll my eyes at you and anyone else who feels the need to tell me how to raise my kids, or tell me what I'm doing wrong. I didn't ask for your advice. I know I'm not perfect. I don't pretend to be. I'm an ordinary mom doing my best to hold it all together while raising my family.
I don't put parts of my life out here for ignorant, self-righteous jerks like yourself to condemn me. I share what I share to help other NORMAL people feel a little better; to let other people know that they're not alone. And I share because I have the most awesome readers (not including you) in the world! My readers (except you) make me feel better and let me know that I'm not alone either.
No, everyone does not have to agree with everything I write. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But if you have nothing nice to say, then keep your mouth shut.

OK, I'm done now. I feel better. Now, back to your regularly scheduled humor.


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Mindy said...

Mean, Anonymous Hope you totally suck. Hope you know most people are behind you.

Crystal said...

Just in case you read this, I know hundreds of others have written in your defense, but as another momma of 6, when i read your posts, with all the quirks your kids (and every other kid in the world has) have, I laugh so hard. I hear the love in your voice, and these things happen. Usually in public. I'm so glad you have enough resiliency to keep writing honestly and hilariously! Your kids antics will make you rich someday! God Bless you, and keep deleting those losers.

Monica said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I have to take a minute to tell you how grateful I was for your post about the trip to the hair cutting place. Before I read this post, I had been walking around thinking, smiling, and laughing about your post. And feeling so much like I wish I could find my way back to laughing about this kind of thing. It's awful when you are in it, but your perspective was so...just so good for me. I have 5 small children, 9 and under, and it's been a long time since I could manage to not sweat the small stuff. Your post is not *just* amusing: it's sort of saving my life these days.

I really can't believe people send you comments like anonymous did. She clearly does not live in a glass house, eh?

Good for you for telling us and her (i assume) it like it is. As for being un-Christian? I'm sure Jesus wants us to be honest and stand up for ourselves. We need not be doormats.

Must run, youngest just fell off the step stool! No blood though!

Anonymous said...

You have every right to defend yourself against people who only take what is written word for word and won't accept that there's more to the story. Moms aren't perfect, Kids aren't perfect, I'm sorry for that anonymous who thinks she is... Who died and made her God(the only perfect one around...)?
Anyway, You Go Girl!

Katie from Cali said...

Hi Dawn,

I think anonymous is completely wrong, and she obviously doesn't know you, or kids in general.

I know, like, a million people have already said this to you, but I just have to put my two cents in because this really got to me.

Yesterday at the grocery store I got evil glares from the cashier as my toddler daughter screamed her head off and waved her arms because I told her she could not play with my wallet! (Yeah, cuz I really needed my DL and all my credit cards dumped on the floor while trying to bag groceries...)

And yeah, the cashier was about 18-20 years old and probably *knew* everything.

Hey, maybe anonymous is a young know-it-all, too!

Kudos, and keep up the good work. I love your blog - don't ever stop! I do not mean this as mushy-gushy as it sounds, but you are an inspiration to me. I read your blog and think: well, gee, if she can live through this with SIX kids, so can I cuz I only have one.

Anonymous said...

Wow! There's no way to read all the comments, but I would say you hit a nerve. Obviously, there are a lot of us out here who love reading your blog and feel so comforted to read parts of life by someone with a great sense of humor who obviously loves her kids but is not afraid to tell and find the humor in all the messy stuff that ALL of us deal with.

We love you Dawn! Revel in the support and feel the love. When Joe comes back, can he take a hot shower, relax with a cold drink, and then take all the children somewhere for 24 hours? Or send you to a hotel for the night? I think you've earned it!

Good Luck til school starts!!

MissBillie said...

Fantastic!!! I love you brings me smiles everyday!

dorthyinoz said...

Dear Dawn, You are right, anonymous is wrong. Enough said.

kirkygirl said...

You know, this may mean that I am sick in the head, but when I hear kids cry in the store I work at, I smile. It means that there is a mom behind that temper tantrum that did not give in to their child. And by not giving in to their child, the child learns that it cannot automatically get something that it wants by having a tantrum.
Dawn, I'm not a mom myself, but from reading your blog, I know that the life as a mom is far from easy. So what? If wishes were fishes, there'd be no room in the river for water!
As my high school chem teacher told me once, "Parents will crawl five miles, on their knees, in broken glass, just to reach their kids".
I can see that some of your children will do that for their siblings already. I have no doubt you and Joe both will do the same for your children.
Your children will grow up to be well adjusted, especially if you continue with both the punishments and the small touches of love.

Kim H. said...


As Mrs. Fussypants so eloquently shared with me, there are many ugly trolls that sit in their mama's basements with nothing better to do than post ugliness on other people's blogs. You know what they say....Mean people SUCK!

Love ya girl!

Lisa K. said...

Some people don't realize that kids will be kids. That's whats so great about them. She is probably repressing her own children to keep them in line.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what everyone has said above, but I have also noticed that so many people today are extremely literal--they have no concept/understanding of sarcastic humor or hyperbole. In my high school English classes, we were taught how to recognize both in writing--they must not do that these days.


my two cents said...

Can you stand one more comment for that imbecile? Clearly she lives her life in a plastic bubble. I'm one of five kids (one year apart - can you say birth control, mom?) and it was pure chaos. My mom would yell scream, chase us, whack us, etc., but when we left the house she had a smile on her face. Most days. She was clearly trying to get under your skin. She needs to get knocked up about four more times and then she can judge others. She probably wipes the crumbs from her kids' mouths before they have a chance to swallow. What a boring, shallow life. If there is no chaos, tantrums, fits and giggles, life would be boring ... sorta like that loser who wrote to you. (I hope her kid spills milk all over her floor today).

Keeley said...

You go, girl!

Rachel said...

Well that person obviously isn't teaching her children correct grammar. What else isn't she teaching them.

Every mom has moments when they are less than perfect. I hope that person gets a good dose of her own medicine next time she has a moment like that.

Lucille said...

Holy kittens Dawn - my forefinger has a blister on it from using my scroll wheel on my mouse to get to the bottom to comment! Does that mean that I AM NOT a Christian now? Hee, hee, hee.

I just LOVE this post and I want you to put it in your favorites! You speak "Chicago" as I call it and I must say I love it. People in Wisconsin often give me a double look or stare b/c I too say it how it is and you certainly put Mr. or Mrs. Big Chicken s*it in his or her place. Woo-hoo! Love it!

I will leave you with a comment from my dad that I use quite often...




PS_If you haven't stopped by my blog lately you must read my post about roller skating! :)

Ashley B. said...

Amen sister! haha.

Mama's Losin' It said...

I just turned off my anonymous option because those people were driving me crazy. How do you work up a thick skin for that??

One of my favorites was when one told me that the reason my Dad (who passed away when I was 7) was not a saint was because I was the devil's spawn.


Amber Narae said...

*Jumps up and down and applauds you* Even the best of us have bad days and get tired of other people's ignorant and judgmental comments! Thank you for continuing to write and share with the rest of us in spite of them!

Stressed Out said...

As one of 8 kids and a mom of 4 of my own I say to heck with her. NO ONE can judge ANYONE by an isolated incident.

Does "let He who is without sin cast the first stone" apply here?? NOOOO! More along the line of "how can you say to your brother, Brother, allow me to take out the speck that is in your eye, when you yourself do not see the beam that is in your own eye? You actor (pretender, hypocrite)! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother's eye."

Those that are blind cannot see.

You keep on doing what you're doing. Don't worry about the naysayers. At the end of the day, you know you're a good mom. Don't let anyone let you believe otherwise.

Keep telling the stories. We identify with you. You're telling OUR stories too. If some would call you a bad mom, I'd proudly stand alongside and say "yeah - so what? Maybe I am too. Who are you to judge?"

Cheri-Beri said...

I would never, ever begin to think that your blog encompassed every bit of your life. Nor would I ever think your children get no discipline. Bless your heart . . . people like that live miserable, self-serving lives.

Femme au Foyer said...

Dawn, you're awesome. Good for you for letting "Anonymous" have it.

Oh, and your kids have always come across as really nice, in my opinion. That comes from the parenting. Hey, and if they do act up, well, at least they're not boring!

Charli said...

First I don't think the person was calling you lazy. She/He??? thought that your behavior was a educative laziness (what ever that is. I have 3 college degree's and I'm clueless but I looked it up. Laziness is an acquirement, a state of mind and body induced by wrong education, or the lack of any. I don't think the phrase was used properly here). I also don't think the person wrote to be mean but rather because the person is worried about you children's future behaviors. Personally I believe people do the best they can under the circumstances they have and the tools they have at hand. I worked with children at a juvenile detention center and it takes alot to screw up a child so badly they are unable to fit into society as useful human beings. So I wouldn't take the comments to heart. If you believe you are raising your children properly and they are reasonably well behaved I'd blow it off. Many people believe if you have a blog that you are opening yourself up to comments both negative and positive and it is their right to post to you. So, when there are negative comments use them the same way you use the positive ones, as a growing experience. This persons style of raising children is different from yours but I personally have grave worries about anyone who controls their children so much that "the slightest attempt at misbehaving is *immediately* stopped". Misbehaving is something children do....and indicates their independence in many cases. They shouldn't be squashed all the time. Each family has rules and sometimes you bend the rules depending on the circumstances.

Laura said...

Thank you for posting that response to "anonymous".

I think that there are people who think that they have a right to infer anything they desire from what they see of our lives, and interfere based on what they have inferred. Unfortunately, for them, what they THOUGHT they knew was only a very small part of the picture...and they have opened their mouths to prove how stupid they really are.

I have often been in the situation you were in...with all of the kids in a store, and trying to get all six to behave is always a challenge...which is when I start wondering who is looking at me, debating about calling Social Services, because clearly this crazy woman with her own basketball team is an unfit mother, based on how her children are responding when in public.

I always come away from reading your blog with a sense of relief...that someone else's life is close to as crazy as mine, and you've got a sense of humor about it.

Nat said...

You go!! Way to speak up for yourself!! Child of 4, mother of 3, what in the world does she know about being a child of 6 or raising 6 kids? 4 and 3 are NO WHERE near or close to 6!!

And lazy?! That lady is crazy!! Alas, her comment says more about her mental state than your parenting.

And where in the bible does it say to allow yourself to be walked all over? People telling you you're not Christian for speaking up for yourself need to reread the part of not judging, lest they be judged. Your spiritual life and your walk with Jesus is personal and has NOTHING to do with them. Any true Christian should know that.

God bless them and you. :o)

Alexis said...

Okay so you've gotten a ton of comments already, but I just wanted to add mine anyway. :) I can't believe someone would write something that crass to you... but I can imagine only because it happens to my daughter on her website. Not once has the person being total malicious been anything but "Anonymous." Even though most of the anonymous comments are wonderful, that one can ruin your whole day. So I'm sorry that happened and I wish that person would get a taste of their own medicine. Her comments reveal more about herself than anything else.

You're doing an excellent job. I don't think Carol Brady ever had to deal with cyberbullying. ;)

Marissa said...

Hi Dawn.
I moved a week and a half ago and did not have internet access so I am going back and reading everything I missed. Sorry for commenting so late on this one.

I have been reading your blog since the ebay auction brought you in to my life. I love your stories, they make me laugh, cry & occasionally have to quit reading to run to the potty to avoid peeing my pants ;)

As a regular reader I am wondering what happened that that I missed that would make your kids be labeled as bad and in need of punishment?

I would never go so far as to say I know you just from reading your writing, but to me your kids seem like good kids. They seem happy and well taken care of, you and Joe seem to be doing a wonderful job. When a kid acts like a kid there is nothing bad or wrong about them. Kids are unpredictable and cute and sweet and funny and even on occasion, yes they are bad.

I only have two kids (a 2 1/2 year old and a 6 month old) and I feel like I have my hands so full that I really do pick my battles. If nobody is getting hurt or in danger of getting hurt, then there really is no "punishment". My daughter knows when I am serious about something. Yes she knows she can get away with a lot but I would never question what kind of character she will have as an adult.

I think you are great (from what you let me know about you) and I think your kids sound pretty awesome.

Thank you for writing. I can only imagine how the mean comments can overshadow the ones offering praise, I hope you won't let the mean people change what you write.


StampingJoan said...

These types of comments get my BP boiling! Good for you! This guy is a D*CK (yes I did say that!) and people like him, who are judgemental have inferior complexes. They are not happy with themselves and feel the need to lash out at others. What a D*CK!

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